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Marshall Sponder is an independent Web Analytics and SEO/SEM specialist working in the field of market research, social media, networking and PR. He provides digital data convergence generating ROI and develops data metrics, KPI’s and dashboards that drive businesses by setting and evaluating benchmarks.

For nearly a decade now Marshall has been influencing the development of the industry, lately focusing on Social Media Metrics. He also posesses considerable in-house corporate experience as a group leader at IBM and Monster, combined with contract work atPorter Novelli PR, small businesses and start-ups. He has been consulting various B2B clients, New York Times, US Magazine, TheNewMarket, Havana Central, and many architects & digital ad agencies, including The House Designers and Alan Mascard Homes. He has also provided real time web tracking and attribution metrics for large brands such as Gillette, Laughing Cow, etc.
He is Board Member Emeritus at the Web Analytics Association and Member of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO).Marsahll is involved as a Contributor Columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, VentureBeat, and My Customer. He is also the author of three popular blogs: Web Metrics GuruThe Analytics Guru, and Art New York City, with combined readership of 11,000 unique visitors per month and 4400+ Subscribers. He has been a public speaker at many conferences focusing on Social Media metrics, such as Social Media Conference, Monitoring Social Media 09, Social Media Jungle, Online Marketing Forum, Social Networking Conference, and many others.

Marshall developed a Social Media Metrics Program for Porter Novelli PR and ran the Social Media Committee at the Web Analytics Association while initiating the first standards work for Social Media Metrics.
He created online marketing plans for musicians, visual artists, entertainers and he utilized analytics for strategic media planning, including content generation and market segmentation.

As a Senior Web Analyst in the Insights Group at Monster Worldwide Inc., Marshall provided site analytics for products and channels including Affinity Labs,,,,, and Monster International Sites.
His Comscore Media Metrix Audit for Monster Worldwide managed to save the company $200K over the fiscal year and his SEO/SEM Dashboard saved potentially over 128K per month.

As a Web Analyst he provided site analytics & Seibel data for‘s Virtual Business Center, which resulted in $1.6 M of identified revenue opportunity for IBM’s effort in Second Life Virtual World. He also developed brand monitoring dashboards for web effectiveness, executed scorecard of the IBM Pressroom, and combed Marketwise metrics on Press Release distribution with IBM site analytics, thus showing the pressroom team, for the first time ever, the value of their press releases.

In the past he consulted UNIX, Reuters-Lipper, Prudential, Citibank, Barclays Bank, Crossbar/Citibank, and SIAC.

Marshall holds an MA in Media Studies form the NY Institute of Technology and possesses a Certificate of Marketing Management from the Baruch College, a NY Continuing Education Division.

Selected presentations:
Future of Social Media Monitoring , Social Media Monitoring Bootcamp, London ’09
Build your own Social Media Monitoring , Social Media Monitoring Bootcamp, London ’10

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  2. Hi Marhsall,

    My name is Taylor. I was doing some research on Digital Analytics and came across your name and the great work you have done in the industry. I wanted to see if I could ask you a couple of questions. I am currently working as an account coordinator at a digital marketing firm in New Orleans. I have been working there for 7 months and this is my first job out of college. I graduated with a degree in Public Relations without knowing exactly what my interests were. Currently as an account coordinator I manage multiple tourism social media accounts. My job function is mainly content creation and community management. However, after working in the digital industry for 7 months now I have developed a great interest in analytics and data. While many of the people in my agency have an interest in the creative aspect, I believe my future is in Data. What I want to ask of you is what do I need to do to begin to build a skill set in Data Analysis. I have some opportunities in my current position to deal with social media data, but I wanted to know what my best course of action would be to make a career out of this. Any advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you,

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