Geofeedia @ the Oscars, and other thoughts – Web Journal 3/3/2014

Busy all weekend working on the close to final launch version of The Science of Viral Media course, but took out some time tonight to watch the Oscars on TV and Geofeedia, along with Brandwatch and made two videos earlier on Sunday.

Instagram Photo taken by ( and captured by Geofeedia 5 minutes later



Oscars After Party with Geofeedia

Top Accounts and Keywords

I think, with the Oscars, there wasn’t all that much in Geofeedia that was different than what was on TV or on Jimmy Kimmel, but got much more of the people on the street kind of information and I was able to sift though several accounts connected with the celebrities.  No doubt, the accounts in social media that dominated were involved in Marketing, in reporting and amplification of the story, but weren’t the story itself.

Thoughts about Metrics and KPIs

I was thinking about KPIs the other day (while having brunch at a RI restaurant) and mused about what the owners cared about – it dawned on me the lecture I gave on KPIs at Baruch a few weeks ago was way too abstract, that KPI (Key Performance Indicators) could be much more real.

Taking it down to the level of a local restaurant chain, or any business, you could ask “what do you care about”?   I don’t want to go into the area of telling people what they should care about vs. what they do care about, what they should be measuring vs. what they are measuring.  I think that conversation is probably going to be a waste of time.  No one wants to be told they should be measuring something they are not.

Rather, what if what you cared about is what you should measure?   What if the KPI is “organic” and grows out of what the business/stakeholder/owner cares about naturally?   Why couldn’t be?

So if a business cares about new people coming to a restaurant chain then lets figure out 1. (that this is what they really care about) and 2. how would they measure this along with (3. do they have the data?).       And if go further, what are the operational parts of that KPI?

So it got me to think about, at least at that moment, there’s only two types of KPIs, those things you care about and want to measure (which are operational) and those things that you aspire to (are aspirational) and you need a way to measure how far away we are (or how close).

Its an idea I will continue to work on and develop.

Organic Growth and the Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group photo published at

This semester I have had my TA at Baruch working on summarizing the undergraduate and graduate classes responses on a few of our early discussions in Blackboard, our online learning platform there.    I have had this belief that my students have a lot of knowledge and wisdom and that the best way to learn analytics and web intelligence is to take the collective learning, contain it and reflect it back to the class in the form of streamlined summaries.

But then I wondered if directing the TA to do this is not as productive as other things she could be doing.   After a conversation on Friday with someone from Blue Man Group, I think my own instinct, at least as far as the way I teach, might be correct (at least, for me).  The Blue Man group developed its own style by growing it from within, by its own experiences working from the center, out.

But teaching from the center out might mean that some subjects get a lot of attention (that my students want to focus on or that I want to focus on) which mean other subjects that objectively should get covered, might not.    And maybe there’s some justification to say that drawing from the center and teaching out of that, might be missing something.

But I wonder if the alternative is any better – and if it is better to teach from the center out, organically and then adding a touch of one or two external subjects for a touch of balance.

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