Join me at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in NYC May 7th-8th & Web Journal – April 28th – May 6th, 2013

First things first – a few announcements.

ATTEND(ING) THE SENTIMENT ANALYSIS SYMPOSIUM MAY 7th – 8th in NYC  – Discounts available by using code ‘ FOAF‘ when you register.   In any case, if your a reader of this blog and in NYC and want to come by for drinks the night before the main Symposium drop by the  reception Tuesday evening 5:30 pm-7 pm at the Renaissance Hotel 57 at 57th & Third.

Like the Word Cloud but I think what will be presented will be much more than this Cloud shows.

I may also attend the Research Panel on May 7th and the afternoon half day tutorial on Practical Sentiment Analysis which will also have an industry snapshot by Seth Grimes, who is one of the main authorities in the Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis space, and is also the conference organizer.

I attended the original SAS a few years back and spoke at it.   I also attended the last one in NYC, a year ago and it was very good – as well as highly represented by leaders in the text Analytics space.  So I’ll have a write-up about SAS NYC during (tweeting) and afterwards, with a long post wrap-up.

Web Journal

Our Social Times - IMG_0487


  • Predictive Analytics as it is applied to Social Media Activity has gotten big – and now Adobe wants to jump in with it’s own offering.  I honestly wonder how good it’s going to be  – most accounts don’t have enough data to do good predictive analysis but lets see what people are going to be saying about Adobe in a few months time, once this stuff is out there and people who can afford to try it, have.
  • It’s the end of the Spring 2013 semester and my 95 students of #mgartr13 are busy submitting assignments and final projects like crazy, which has taken up a good amount of my time, I admit.  After about 8 hours a day of grading them using the Pearson eCollege system, there’s not enough left for me to write the blog posts I used to think nothing of doing.  Interestingly, one of my students came up with this Meme, which ties into week 6 of the course (Viral Marketing) but also is what my students are facing today (as Monday, May 6th is the last day they can submit much of their work for the semester and get credit for it).


Sure enough, that image was shared several times on Facebook from the Social Media for the Arts page that I shared it from  – most of the activity was viral.  It shows me what the course teaches is very much aligned with the way things work – people will share what they can relate to and identify with.

By the way, anyone can join the page (where I put many of the insights that go into the course) here.

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