Living at the Edge – #USDragons & Web Journal December 1st – 8th, 2012

Well, it’s official – I’m speaking at Dragon Search’s Kingston NY Office on December 21st (you know, that day!) on Tracking Social Media (Ultraviolet, Dark Social, Dark Data, etc).  I think we’re also going to have a Google Hangout and perhaps, broadcast it as well, but I don’t have the details. Perhaps Ric Dragon will put a page up soon – perhaps it will be on their blog – I’ll just mention it here.



I, somehow, think it’s unusual that I’d find myself in Kingston, NY in the Adirondacks /Woodstock area just on the day when some calendar ends  (and another begins?) but I think it’s a good thing because ...darn, 2012 has been a tough year, not only for me, but for a lot of people and I will be happy to put it behind me (while acknowledging many of the great things that happened to and for me this year).


Honestly, I’m finding it hard to look back over a week and decide specifically, what to write about - as there’s SO MUCH information, that is coming in AND so much I’m pouring into the Social Media For The Arts page on Facebook - it’s difficult to step back from it long enough to reflect.

You can see the main stories on the sidebar of this blog – but here’s some that stand out to me (hey, they all stand out to me, that’s why I noted them in the first place).

Virtual Reality Limits

Two stories seems connected, once about contact lens that can act similar to Google Project Glass, and the other, and ear piece that conducts sound directly to the bone (so you don’t hear anything). Another story that follows is the NYT conducting a new digital experiment by launching Pinterest-like ‘Compendium’ (I may use it for #mgartr13 – a hashtag you’d know if you joined my Facebook Page)

Organic Search

Well, looks like SERPs are no longer an official metric of judging your SEO efforts according to Raven Search. Here’s more info from the post I provided a link to, above.


Ranking reports have finally died a most definite death. Earlier today, Patrick E. Keeble, co-founder, president and CEO of Raven Tools wrote a long and carefully worded letter to all Raven Tools users on his company’s blog, “A message from our CEO: Raven to drop rankings, other scraped data on Jan. 2“.

It might be the most important blog post Raven has ever posted because Raven is removing one of the oldest SEO reporting metrics from its analytic tool set. As of January 2nd, Raven will no longer generate keyword ranking reports. That will pose an inconvenience for a lot of Raven customers but as Keeble notes, it also marks a major change in how SEOs will explain and measure their services, one that’s been brewing for a long time.

Keeble says Raven Tools was forced to choose between using data collected by query-bots (aka: scraped) from Google, and using Google Approved Data. At stake was Raven’s license to continue accessing data from Google’s AdWords API. In other words, Google told Raven that no outside party is allowed to provide Google results alongside results generated and prepared by Google itself.

Well – that’s it for tonight – perhaps more is coming… soon.

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