Social Media Standards Thoughts and Web Journal – April 23-29th

A couple of thoughts:

  • Why we need Social Media Metrics Standards –  I was thinking about this post, and had mixed feeling about it because I’m often nervous when insiders (in this case, PR Insiders – The Conclave) put their stamp on a definition, perhaps, making it something they end up dominating.  I feel this should be a “democratic process” in order for it to be completely fair.  I’m sure the motivations here are good, but  I remember a friend of mine told me several years ago, that when SEO first emerged ~1997, it was make into something more complicated, so the insiders, at that time, could make a living off of it.  I won’t go into the details, but I suspect, the same thing is happening here by Social PR firms.  I better stop before a bunch of them come after me for drawing attention to this. It feels wrong.
    • Still, I see a lot of good here, with the standards work, and I suppose, industries have a right to structure their metrics for themselves – so perhaps that’s what this is about.  If it’s Agency speak for Agencies – then may it’s OK.  If it’s an attempt to tell “the world” how to measure these things, then it should be wide open to everyone who wants to weigh in.
  • The same could be said for the field of Social Media Analytics – do we let PR folks tell us what that means and how to measure it? Hmmmm.  Let’s beware of having “insiders” in agencies define how we see the world (unless they clearly state it from the agency perspective, and stay within that framework), perhaps writing their own books about how measure it.
  • I was at the Big Data Hackathon yesterday afternoon at Bloomberg LP headquarters in Manhattan – but too late to really get involved with the teams working on data.   It’s as if I walked into an Art Class, everyone working on the big data problem, but it was impossible to speak to many, without interrupting – so I didn’t (speak to all but one person).  It reminded me of how much Big Data is like Art, at the end, everyone was doing it their own way, trying to figure out what was the essential truth in the data, in this case, I think it was a 500GB file – details are online for the meetup group where this took place.

Managed to take this picture yesterday – I c an see why Bloomberg built this building – and the colors and fishtanks on the 28th and 29th floor were amazing!

One thought on “Social Media Standards Thoughts and Web Journal – April 23-29th”

  1. IEG. actually had a summit based on Social Media Analytics last week in San Fran, hashtag was #AABDF if you want to have a look at what was said! 

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