Playing with +1 and other musings – Web Journal – June 29th, 2011

Got access to Google +1 last night and so far, I’m liking what I’m seeing – not really sure about making custom circles – but in a way, +1 reminds me of an idea I wrote about exactly 4 years ago.  A couple of months later, in August 2007, I wrote about “rungs of friendship” in more detail – seeing what I felt was needed, at that time in regards to Facebook – which really owned the “friends” department at that time.   I guess what I’m saying … is that I envisioned something that was “rules based” which would move a friend from one rung or circle to another based on their behavior, or our interaction with them.  That’s not what +1 did, but I think it’s a step in that direction.

With +1, I can make as many circles as I want and move friends into them (what I would like is some kind of rules based engine on top of it – and that would be the evolution I think we need – of course, the devil is always in the details with these kinds of things).   I’ll have to use +1 a bit more so I can really talk to it, but I noticed it builds on the rest of Google’s services, such as Gmail, Google Chat, etc.

Was reading about One Web Site, Two Audiences today at DigiDay and noted  people use channels in social media differently, or, so to speak, they chose the ones they are most comfortable using…which means your going to find different people, more or less, active in different channels, and for different reasons.

Also, Gizmodo shows an visualization of twitter traffic after the Japan Earthquake last March shows just how much ideas and needs can map to visual constructs.

Also, noticed Skype is now allowing users to create local numbers … I was thinking of creating one for London since I’m there fairly often, but then I realized they’d charge me 60 bucks a year for that (which might be worth it – as everyone someone calls the number, they’ll get me via Skype, except they already can get via Skype – still, it’s an interesting idea I may try one of these days).

And MySpace cost Murdoch over 1 Billion – but guess what?  Murdoch is an old Newspaper titan … what does he know abotu social networks? – why would he think that his knowledge about how business works would translate to MySpace or how to run…. a lot of people make that mistake of trying to repeat success in one channel in another – like successfully running PPC in Google AdWords and then thinking they can do the same thing on Facebook Advertising .. when it’s an entirely different beast.

Probably the worst thing in the world is being incorrect in one assumptions – rather than being right or wrong.

Finally Pew Research Gives Us Hints About the Impact of Social Media on Our Lives but I need to digest it before commenting.






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