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Again, getting my manuscript fine tuned for McGraw Hill is taking much of the time I’d normally post here – hopefully within a few weeks I’ll be able to resume my normal blogging habits.   While preparing for the media blitz around Social Media Analytics book I used the mPACT platform to generate an influencer list using the category keywords below against

Specifics: (Metrics, Social Media Metrics, Visitor Tracking, Visitor Conversions and Social Media Dashboard).

Category:(social media, web analytics, search engines, content management, audence measurement, influencers, event correlation, Return on Investment, ROI, Social Monitoring, Social Listening, Brand Monitoring, Reputation Monitoring, workflow management, analytics insights)

Here’s the Influencer Map mPACT came back with, which changes daily – I just happened to show up on the list which is a happy circumstance – ha!:

I realize the chart might be covering parts of my sidebar but wanted my readers to be able to see the influencer list the say way I do.

Influencers Publication TRA Influence Metrics
Urs E. Gattiker ComMetrics 93.01 48.89 1
Pat LaPointe MediaPost 70.59 82.22 2
Neal Schaffer Social Media Today 63.75 93.33 3
Doug Bedell Flack Me 68.88 75.56 4
Jason Falls Social Media Explorer 55.96 100.00 5
Marshall Sponder Web Metrics Guru 54.63 88.89 6
Geri Stengel Ventureneer 66.60 60.00 7
Beth Kanter Beth’s Blog 50.45 97.78 8
Heidi Cohen ClickZ 67.36 53.33 9
Lisa Barone Outspoken Media 49.26 93.33 10
John Lovett John Lovett at Web Analytics Demystified 49.26 91.11 11
Cory Bergman Lost Remote 52.49 80.00 12
Vicki Blair Visibly Intelligent 58.00 66.67 13
Jared Deluca Compete Blog 60.71 55.56 14
Shashi Bellamkonda Small Business Trends 78.14 15.56 15
Steve Kerho Fast Company 46.84 86.67 16
Krista Peck FMM 52.16 71.11 17
Christopher S Penn Christopher S. Penn’s Awaken Your Superhero 42.23 95.56 18
Rachel Kaufman MobileContentToday 53.68 62.22 19
Louis Liem HomeBiz Resource 66.60 24.44 20
Jeff Larche Social Media Explorer 46.08 68.89 21
Hugh Macken VMR 50.78 60.00 22
Dave Evans ClickZ 55.77 44.44 23
Aaron Wheeler SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog 40.90 77.78 24
Neal Schaffer Windmill Networking 62.99 0.00 25
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One thought on “Social Media Metrics Influeners – mPACT Analysis”

  1. Hi Marshall…

    Thanks for taking the time to talk some more about mPACT… I’m glad the results are working as expected. Hope you’ve found some new Influencers!

    One thing: you CAN export the Influencers in this list. Just use the checkboxes to the left of the names (or you can use the select all box up top) and click the PDF or Excel icons on the bottom of the page and you’ll get an exported file. If you want to do all at once (up to 100), just use the pulldown menu on the bottom right to select a larger number of Influencers per page and then do the export as I mentioned above.


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