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Did you know that among married couples, it takes at least five positive comments to offset one negative one according to researcher John Gottman.   A post on Harvard Review cites that many times we react to situations based on how “at risk” we feel our value is, while in the workplace.    I liked the idea about the 5 positive comments to counter 1 negative one because it can almost, with some modifications, be used for social media monitoring.

But last week my eyebrows were raised when I read a curious factoid from Comscore claiming that Russia has the most engaged social networking audience worldwide.  All I can say is … “Whoa“! According to the Comscore press release:

… The study revealed that Russians are the heaviest social networkers worldwide in terms of time spent per user and that Yandex is the leading property in the Russian Federation.

Top 10 Countries for Social Networking Ranked by Time Spent per Visitor
August 2010Total Worldwide Audience, Age 15+ – Home and Work Locations*
Source: comScore Media Metrix
Social Networking
Average Hours per Visitor Total Unique Visitors (000)
Worldwide 4.5 964,305
Russian Federation 9.8 34,545
Israel 9.2 4,032
Turkey 7.6 20,911
United Kingdom 7.3 35,792
Philippines 6.2 5,176
Canada 5.8 22,087
Indonesia 5.3 7,183
Finland 5.0 2,983
Spain 5.0 18,569
Puerto Rico 4.9 1,078

*Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs

But even more surprising than the Russians spending all that time on their Russian search engines is the news that Fast Food weddings are taking place more and more in Hong Kong.  Here’s more from TreeHugger:

If soaring wedding costs have you wondering how you can afford it all (and yet, you couldn’t be bothered with the effort to put on a more eco-conscious wedding) then McDonald’s may have the answer for you.

In Hong Kong, where weddings are biiiig business (my own cousin’s glitzy matrimonial affair there last winter — hosted in a fancy hotel and complete with ice sculptures, shooting lasers and yes, shark’s fin soup — comes to mind), the fast food chain is now offering “McWeddings” at select locations for young, cash-strapped couples.

The South China Morning Post quotes McDonald’s Hong Kong director of corporate communications and relations Helen Cheung as saying:

Traditional weddings use cherries for the newlyweds to eat together and kiss. We will have French fries for them to kiss.

Also, yesterday Eric T. Peterson pointed us to a blog post about how is Engagement formula was being used at Getting beyond just pageviews:’s seven-part equation for measuring online engagement


They ultimately decided on seven categories, each with a particular cutoff:

Ci — Click Index: visits must have at least 6 pageviews, not counting photo galleries

Di — Duration Index: visits must have spend a minimum of 5 minutes on the site

Ri — Recency Index: visits that return daily

Li — Loyalty Index: visits that either are registered at the site or visit it at least three times a week

Bi — Brand Index: visits that come directly to the site by either bookmark or directly typing or come through search engines with keywords like “” or “inquirer”

Ii — Interaction Index: visits that interact with the site via commenting, forums, etc.

Pi — Participation Index: visits that participate on the site via sharing, uploading pics, stories, videos, etc.

I suppose this method will work and most of it can be gotten out of site analytics.

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