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I knew about Sysomos Audience since last week when it was shown to me but I was sworn to secrecy.  As TechCrunch has gone live with news of Sysomos Audience – see Sysomos Audience Puts A Dollar Value On Each Site Visitor will I talk about Sysomos Audience now.

Rather than go with TechCrunch’s rather brief cookie cutter post …  I’ll talk about what I think Audience is saying about Social Media Monitoring vendors – who are now morphing into site analytics and audience analytics vendors – which sorta needs to happen to produce the Social Media ROI metrics that are maturing now.


As many of my readers know, I predicted this year the issue of tracking Social Media ROI would largely be solved.  Sysomos Audience is moving us one or two steps closer to tracking Social ROI even faster than expected.  According to the Sysomos Audience FAQ:

We work with a growing number of community managers, advertising and digital marketing professionals. We realized that social media ROI is a point of pain that needed to be addressed. As an innovative and fast-moving company, we decided to tackle this challenge by leveraging our existing technology, which collects and aggregates billions of online conversations taking place within social and mainstream media.

Sysomos Audience is an add on package to Sysomos HeartBeat – you must have Heartbeat in order to use Audience.  I’m impressed by what I saw – Sysomos Audience is able to estimate the value of each visitor to a website in currency (or goal value) in real time; a technique similar to BeenCounter and Tealium is used to read the browser history of each visitor and determine what sites they have visited over a certain period of time.

By supplying Sysomos Audience with the names and sites of your competitors, and by embedding a few lines of JavaScript that is supplied by Sysomos sites you control and want to track, Sysomos Audience will use the information to score a lead.    Even more intriguing – if you install the JavaScript into any online forms (where name and/or email addresses are collected) Sysomos Audience will pick up that information and associate it with the visit/visitor information it has just collected.

If Sysomos Audience is used on a site where there is no possibility to input personal information into a form, Audience will not pick name, email address, twitter handle, etc  – but will otherwise track the visitor, much as a web analytics package would, by providing basic statistics about the visitor.

By  the time you read this post, Sysomos Audience will announced and so I’ll direct my insights into something more insightful than a repeat of the material Sysomos provided me (though I’ll reference it, here).  You’ll be able to read about Sysomos Audience today – but you will not be able to try it out till later this fall as the the product is still in Beta and only a few Sysomos clients have access to it today – I hope to be one of them, shortly.

Here’s a video covers the highlights of Sysomos Audience

Nick Koudas, co-founder of Sysomos and I spoke last week and he said:

“We believe Audience will revolutionize the way that key stakeholders understand the online ecosystem around their brands.”

“Audience tells you why someone visited your site, their importance and potential value. Audience helps you optimize your social strategy by providing the ability to really understand what is working and what isn’t in your social marketing campaigns and engagement efforts”.

Using Sysomos’ extensive social media database, Audience automatically identifies the ecosystem that includes competitors, analysts, blogs and related social sites. Every visitor to your Web site is analyzed and associated with their activities within this ecosystem.

Audience is based on Sysomos’ proprietary technology, which does not use referrers or cookies. Our tracking tools work even if a visitor comes to a Web site several days after reading an article or blog post.

The statement above about Sysomos Audience not using another technology for knowing where your visitors have been is revealing.   As you might know, site analytics tracking only knows about traffic that comes to a monitored site by

1)direct 2)organic or paid search 3)direct traffic 4) other campaign traffic and 5)referral or link traffic (see my presentation on this subject, below).

Till Tealium and Beencounter, we usually only know of visitors based on where they immediately came from just before visiting a tracked site – but now we’re not as limited due the enhanced tracking capabilities packages like BeenCounter, Tealium and Sysomos Audience bring to the table.

Here’s some screenshots of Sysomos Audience:

Download: hi-res

Download: hi-res

Download: hi-res

I expect Sysomos Audience will spur other analytics vendors to release similar packages – but Sysomos clearly is the first to create and track Real Time Audience Scoring for Social Media – exciting!
Yeah, Social Media ROI will be largely a solved problem by years’ end.

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