Social Monitoring Web Journal May 18th-21st, 2010

Digesting information and noting what strikes me is more than simply listing a bunch of links – just wanted to get that off my chest before giving the latest set of posts that I think are worth taking a look at.

JaTin (who is really a good writer and a good technologist) has done a very nice, simple post on Google Analytics Event Tracking and tying it to calls to action (CTA).  Most often I have used virtual pageviews to clicks on downloads or off site link that might not be otherwise recorded in Google Analytics.    I find jatiN Mahindra makes it really simple and down to earth.

In the same vein, but in a much more detailed way, jatiN has reviewed WordTracker Strategizer – the very same tool I signed up for almost a month ago to test – for $1 – which reminds me – I need to cancel the PayPal subscription before I get charged $59.00 bucks by the end of the month (not far off).   To be totally honest – jatiN’s review is better than one I would have produced – and he spent a lot of time (perhaps too much time) playing with Strategizer – in fact, he did the same with WordStream recently – and produced a better training document than probably, WordStream has for their own tools.

One of the things jatiN may have left out is Strategizer can be used not just with your overall website traffic, but also with a segment of the traffic (I have a segment just for Social Media – it’s got Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook – etc … in it as a regular expression).  Turns out I didn’t get much worth looking at – and I don’t foresee using the tool for anything myself but it seems like an advancement in what Keyword Analysis programs like WordTracker are doing – more to intergrate site analytics.

I subscribe to Harvard Business Review and thought the post by Bill Taylor on What Surprising Number Will Change Your Business? was particularly good in teaching what facts are important to a business and how to state them. Here’s some examples:

Here are a few such numbers, identified in a workbook the agency developed to help account planners communicate more persuasively.

  • 70% of teens who abuse prescription drugs get them from home.
  • 80% of women plan to exclusively breastfeed; only 20% actually do.
  • We’re in front of whiteboards 4 hours a day, but only use them for 4 minutes.
  • 80% of people age 45+ consider changing careers; only 6% actually do.

Why do these numbers tell a story? Because they’re simple and easy to understand. Because they’re human and easily relatable. Because they surprise us, and/or capture the gap between intentions and actions. Indeed, on the agency’s Web, each video of its work on behalf of a clientcomes with a piece of data that shaped the campaign.

Also, Google is busy getting into the Travel Guide Business according to TechCrunch.  What business aren’t they in?  Will they be doing groceries and funeral arrangements next year?  I mean, at some point – will Google not only link up the world – but become it?

And today, I read about Facebook knowing who you’ll “hook up” with.   I’m not really surprised at that – it seems the logical result of all the social graph activity they are tracking.  In fact, a very interesting article on The  Dawn of the Facebook Credit Economy appeared in Advertising Age a few days ago that says the future international currency may end up being Facebook Credits – and it makes sense – sorta.   With that in mind OurSocialTimes covers how You Can Now Earn FarmVille Cash By Buying Green Giant Vegetables At The Grocery Store which I found very smart and interesting – who knows where this all will go?


According to Analytics 2.0 ….

his is a very good news, 4Q Survey the free OnlinAdd an Imagee Survey solution that allows you to find out why visitors are at your website, and whether or not they are completing their tasks (and if they aren’t, what’s getting in the way?), has launched a new feature that allows you integrate your surveys into your Google Analytics Account! So now you will be able to understand WHAT are your users doing and WHY! they are behaving like that. This is an incredible improvement and the good news is that since it is free you can use it whether you are a Corporation, an small company or a Blogger. As a matter of facs I think it is great for startups, I mean a company with a lot of future expectation but with the empty pockets ;-) .

Look at the video and Avinash’s explanation at the end of the post for an added bonus.

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