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I was invited to WiredSet and Trendrr‘s offices last week to meet Mark Ghuneim and see features of Trendrr Pro (see New stuff brewing at that are being released today – meanwhile, most of last week, I had access to those features using a test account.   Here’s the gist of what’s being added to make an enhanced product offering of Trendrr, called Trendrr Pro.

Advertising Age has an interesting article on Trendrr pro – So You’re an Obsessive-Compulsive Stats-Aholic? There’s an App for That The New ‘Pro’ Version of Buzzworthy Trend-Tracking Service Trendrr Is Total Digital Crack

giving examples of what Trendrr can track such as late night TV






Here’s how you get started ….

The site has been completely revamped with a host of additional functionality and service options for businesses/brands etc.

Highlights include:

  • Real time spreadsheet reporting exportable to excel
  • Real time alerts so brands can know within minutes of a new blog post, twitter message, YouTube video tag etc
  • Streamlined tracking that only requires one key word or phrase input and one click to track data across multiple sites
  • A Twitter feed index that illustrates what people are saying in real time about the word/phrase being tracked
  • New data integrations from, so users can track link sharing and consumption wherever it exists
  • Options to mash multiple data sets with a click
  • Simple aggregation by categories so users can quickly see what’s hot and happening now (in core categories of brand, buzz, TV, music, politics, gaming)
  • Data customization (companies/brands can import their own data sets and or create a custom API so their data is structured/mashable in the Trendrr schema

I’m not yet a Power User of Trendrr, but it looks like I could well end up being one.

I played with Trendrr Pro and compared it to Trendrr Beta and found much to like – as far as usability goes, the new release improves user experience and opens up “alerts” and more data sources.

Mark Ghuneim and I had a indepth discussion last week on why Trendrr got created in the first place – he did it, first, for himself – because he had Marketing Insights and he needed a way to communicate them to his clients – the insights revolved around data which he had found ways to show in Trendrr that make it much easier than any other way that, before his product was created.  Here’s some examples of how Mark Ghuneim used Trendrr to illustrate his marketing insights – Why Ford is Winning on the Social Web and here’s how Mark Ghuneim used Trendrr to monitor the Iran Election two weeks ago.

A lot of what he had to work with, his ideas, came from the Executive Entertainment Marketing he had done earlier in his career – and once he realized what he had created, he offered the Trendrr toolset to anyone to use. Of course, the intelligence to use Trendrr, that comes with each user – and hopefully, Trendrr Pro will be a platform that many can use for data mashups that would not be possible, any other way.

I like how Trendrr charts are embeddable  – my only wish is that the charting was backward facing – that my tracking of a new query allows me to pull data from the past year or two, much as SM2/Techrigy and Radian6 allow, but then … if Trendrr Pro could do this, it would have to store massive amounts of historical data.

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