Google AdSense for Games Launches – Google playing games on us? Guess so.

Well… I told ya so in Google Entering In Game Advertising? …. almost two years ago the sale of AdScape to Google was announced (Google AdScape – Gooble buys AdScape for 24 Million) – and, that once Google bought AdScape, they’d eventually run AdWords and AdSense in our online games, the one’s our kids play and sometimes, the one’s we play.   Mashable has a post on it too, One More Place You’ll Find Google: Games

I don’t know that’s a bad thing – I mean, it was inevitable – but it also highlights that saturation of our attention – where can we go now where we’re not going to be “sold” to, or “advertised” at?  Church (ops, I don’t think they’re totally free of ads, either).  However, running Ads in Games has it’s own unique set of challenges that don’t have parallels in other forms of advertising media:

“… Casual games publishers can display video, image and text ads in their online offerings. They can also define placements “such as interstitial frames before a game, after a level change, or when a game is over,” according to the AdSense blog.

AdWords team members will help market in-game ad space to relevant advertisers — but publishers can use ad filters to yank ads they find inappropriate.

Getting the Ad to work with the Games they’re shown in, so as not to be totally a detractor, will be interesting – I can see how it can be done – but I’m wondering what a typical conversation of a Google Sales Rep selling these In Game Units are going to sound like.  Oh well, I’m sure we’ll hear that, soon enough.

Anyway – here’s what Google AdSense for Games looks like and here’s the writeup in MarketingVox about the launch of Google AdSense for Games.

And here’s a movie where the Ads appear, at :50 seconds in.

BTW, soon enough, you’ll see the reports on In Game Ads in Google Analytics, just like Radio and TV Ads are showing up, another prediction of mine from early 2007 – I was just about two years early.

Incidentally, it’s interesting that 3D Worlds wasn’t added, Code4Software’s  Ad-Soft offering is the closest thing to what Google is offering, but for Virtual Worlds.

Better to be early ….  than late, especially on predictions.

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