Comcast makes war on it's customers with new 250GB bandwidth caps

Wow – so it’s come to this – the big internet providers are now stifling  that creativity and consumption that spwaned Web 2.0, Social Media – they have now looked at us as “the enemy” and will attack users of their service with expulsion.  Read Gizmodo‘s  Comcast’s 250GB Data Caps Now Official, Starting in October

Bad news for Comcast folks—the 250GB caps that were once rumored
are now officially official and will start October 1 for residential
customers. But, instead of charging you for every GB you go beyond that
in a month, Comcast is getting a bit more byzantine—if you blow the cap
twice in six months, they may terminate your service altogether.

Isn’t it strange that we live in a world where we’re encouraged to consume rich media on on hand, then we have the evil Comcasts of the world, trying to attack us for doing so.  Then we have the Apples of the World who’ll bill us thousands of dollars a month when we travel internationally and use iPhones to download rich media, highly intensive bandwidth media.

It reminds me of how on one side, there are all the rules of medicine to protect life – so much so that someone can’t make many decisions about their own life – and at the other side of it – and at the same moment, the current adminstration sends soldiers to Iraq without body armor to be slaughtered in a war that was totally made up to we could take Iraq’s Oil (which we never really succeeded doing – we ended up destroying their oil capacity, to a large extent, instead).

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