Goal Setting Example with Google Analytics

I set up goal setting for a client in Google Analytics the other day and I'm surprised it was so easy.  In fact, I'm getting ideas of how Google Analytics Goal Setting can be used for an Engagement Score

Too bad GA allows only 4 goals – I wish the number of Goals was unlimited (or if I wanted more, they could charge me for it – in some cases, it might be worth having).  I just set this up over the last day.

The client is a hotel resort in Central America -











I used Source Referrals and set up the 4 Goals


The way this travel site is setup the contact form refreshes with a "Thank You" but doesn't change to another page – so you can't yet really tell if the form was just looked at, partly filled out and abandoned or totally filled out.  Let's set that score for a contact to be "5".

Someone who looks at the prices for the resort is somewhat interested – let's give each time the prices are looked at a score of "3".

Someone who views online video clips of the resort is also interested, but perhaps less committed – so lets  set a score of "2" for each time the movies are viewed.

Finally, someone who listens to music of the resort is also interested, but not very committed yet, so lets set that score to equal "1".

Pretty soon, you can take the chart above and create an "engagement score" for each source of traffic and decide which sources, by nature of engagement, might be more valuable.

Google Analyticspretty neat for what it does. 

Wish list – Double the number of Goals can set – make it 8 instead of 4. 

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  2. Quoting:
    “Wish list – Double the number of Goals can set – make it 8 instead of 4.”
    You can setup as many goals as you wish, by creating another profile under the same user account login.
    You will have then groups of 4 goals under each profile (which can be set with the same main URL), as many goals as you want. ;)

  3. Hello,

    I have one query, I have a site..through which customer comes and fills up his details, then by the approval of us.. we sent them an email with the link and login details then and then only they can buy the products.

    Now i am not able to track completely the customers, who came and went from the first phase. I wish to track complete customers behaviour.

    Can U help me with it



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