Programmatic ClickZ and Omni Retail (FIT) Events and Musings – WEB JOURNAL – Late March, Early April 2014

Didn’t realize my last post was three weeks ago!   Where does the time go?  When we’re busy … we are BUSY!      Anyway ….


ClickZ Live NYC

Last week I was at ClickZ Live in NYC (but just for one day – I wasn’t able to attend the last 2 days of the conference) and wrote about it on ClickZ this week in the Convergence Column.  From my perspective Search Marketing and SEO have merged with Social Media for at least a few years, but now I think it’s clear they have become in many ways, two sides of one coin, or maybe, better yet, two faces of the same cube – or if we want get fancy about it, two facets of the marketing diamond (there – maybe a coined a new term – ha!).

I went to LinkedIn and tried to map the audience (on LinkedIn) for Search, Social, the Convergence of the both, and so on.  I could have done that for the whole world, but it would have been a bit more work with LinkedIn’s “archaic” front end interface that doesn’t go back into time – showing changes over the last year, or so, either.

I guess there is something to be said for “Big Data” – if LinkedIn wants to give you something fancy, they will charge you an arm and leg for it, and pull out their Data Science team to do it, but if you, a premium member want to pull data in a simple interface they could have created for us, Nah… they are simply not interested in enabling their users to pull data in more interesting ways…without LinkedIn cashing in big $$$$.

Even so, with just a little bit of thought you can pull stuff like this, above.

I guess, though, that LinkedIn would not be the kind of company that is interested in the democratization of data.

What that says to me is  about 1:40 people who are interested in Social Media in the United States are also interested in SEO and Search Marketing.  I can’t tell you what the percentage was last year, thought I can measure it from month to month if I keep running this set queries in LinkedIn.

Oh well!  Read more about my musings on Convergence here.

 Omni Channel Retail Symposium at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

I’m teaching at FIT this semester (as well as at Baruch College and Rutgers University) – this time it is a small group class about “hands on” –  Social and Mobile Analytics – I will be completing the training with my students this Saturday.



Turns out that the first Omni Retail Symposium also took place at FIT last  week and I got to go, as well as get access this semester (and any semester I teach) to all of FIT’s internal data – something every FIT Instructor and student gets (such as premium WGSN, SRDS, Mintel, etc).


Retail represents a big chunk of the US economy. It contributes $2.5 trillion to the nation’s annual gross domestic product, according to the National Retail Federation. So it’s no surprise that there’s so much interest in the quickly evolving, multichannel retail climate, as evidenced by events like the First Annual Symposium on Omni Retailing.

I wrote about the Omni Retail Symposium at CMSWire – read about it here - including my questions directly to Pete Nordstrom.

While the small class I’m teaching at FIT is interesting – teaching gets me to stretch, esp with Geo-Location, iBeacon, and just thinking about what the world looks like and where it is all going.

Geofeedia – Kwerie and Music / Fashion Discovery Engines

Yesterday a student of mine at Rutgers talked to me (via a journal entry in my popular Rutgers course on Social Media for the Arts) on his startup platform called Kwerie - explore Kwerie at

Kwerie is a discovery platform, and considering how far its gone, it’s impressive.  But combined with Geo-Location, something that I have been studying via Geofeedia quite a bit lately and decided to cast Geofeedia on Moscow, looking for a hot club where Fashion might be discovered in the making.  Or just maybe a little bit of life in Moscow – though I could have cast Geofeedia’s eye ANYWHERE and probably picked up something interesting.  Lets focus on Moscow today.

Hottest Nightclub in Moscow and Geofeedia

What is hottest club in Moscow?  Hmm…… Cafe “Mio”?   Let’s try Cafe Mio.  The rest of the clubs look pretty interesting too – and maybe I should have gone down the list farther – but I figured – why not just take the first one, Cafe Mio (even though it was ranked #10 – ha!).  Darn! I’ll get the Soho room in Moscow on another post – ha!   Makes me want to go to Moscow.

The Best Moscow Night Club - Soho Rooms - Photo 11

The Best Moscow Night Club – Soho Rooms – Photo 11 -


I managed to find the address of Cafe Mio, wasn’t too sure exactly how to match up the address with the actual location of the club since their map and Geofeedia’s map (via Bing) wasn’t in the same orientation – and reading Russian directions isn’t my expertise – but I managed to figure out approximately where the club was and set Geofeedia’s eye on it, and above is a snapshot of what I saw.

But it could have been anywhere.

What if we merged Kwerie with Geofeedia and added – what would have?

… well, what would we have?    A good question to end this post on.


More soon.

SoLoMo Analytics FITNYC course, Programmatic, Programmatic, New Blog Theme and GigaOM’s Structure:Data this week

Certainly a lot of Programmatic and Big Data going on this week and I have been extremely busy building the new Fashion Institute of Technology Social and Mobile Analytics course that is running early next month – but more about that shortly.

The last Simulmedia Salon

First – I went to a Programmatic event last Thursday at the latest Simulmedia Salon and wrote about it at CMSWire in a post titled “Programmatic Shaping the Future of TV Ad Buying” which was just published this morning.


The Best Editor is …

I need to call out Noreen Seebacher who is the best editor I have ever worked with (bar none), not only does she know the Analytics and Media space well, but has been able to take my ideas and complete them, all while ensuring that my original ideas and voice remain.

She sees it as just good editing I suspect, I beg to differ, and think it’s a pretty rare gift in short supply.  Other properties I write for have done less editing (sometimes I can’t even see any changes), and I certainly don’t do all the editing I could on this blog, by far.

That’s because I have good ideas and can make a good start on an article, and sometimes take it pretty far, but I think my writing gets much better when someone at Noreen’s level can take it a few levels beyond where I have been able to do on my own.

The ideal would be to have collaborate, sketching out the article, putting some of the main accents in it, and then hand it off to be finished, as I have done with the CMSwire articles.

The Programmatic Tour of the Universe  (or NYC, at the very least)

At the end of the article I mentioned a” Programmatic Tour” I am taking my classes at Baruch College on, and that tour continues this week at WPP/Xasis, I will have more to say about that at CMSWire later this week or early next.

Right now, few people seem to have deep understanding of programmatic ads. Businesses in this space can’t find enough qualified people and are forming apprenticeships to train the next generation of media buyers and content creators.

With that in mind, John Matthews of the Comscient Group have started  a grand “Programmatic Tour” with my students at Baruch College to explore the New York City universe of programmatic platforms.

We just started the tour last week with a visit to Rubicon Project, an online ad tech firm. We’ll have more stops on our tour shortly — and we will report about them here at CMSWire.

My students are very excited about programmatic, and frankly, so am I.

A New Blog Theme (or several)

BTW, I am trying a new blog theme at WebMetricsGuru – I think 7 years of the old one was quite enough – it’s a work in progress so forgive the changes you will see from time to time.

Attending GigaOm’s Structure:Data this week

I am at Structure: Data this week in NYC (Wednesday/Thursday)


I am also attending a VIP party for Structure:Data tonight.  Actually, there’s a great post on GigaOm detailing how this year the conference will be even better than the last two years (I have attended all three NYC events in this conference series).


A long day and night and the Hands on Social and Mobile Analytics Course at Fashion Institute of Technology next month

Wrote enough today – it has been a long, long day and I haven’t even gotten to the SoLoMo part of this post (which I might not get to at all, tonight).

Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York - logo

CTD 650 55A Social and Mobile Analytics Apr 5, 12 S 1000 AM-500 PM -Marshall Sponder, Course Creator and Instructor CC154 $285.00 REGISTER ONLINE

Actually, ANYONE can register for CTD 650 55A – its only $285.00 and you get 14+ hours of super condensed course.

I hope some of my readers consider signing up.  Hurry, the course runs in less than 3 weeks!




The Sentiment around the Sentiment Analysis Symposium @CMSWire and the Programmatic Tour

Short post – Just want to announce two things today.

  • The first stop on our Programmatic World Tour took place Wednesday at The Rubicon Project.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium at 7 World Trade Center – where the Academy of Sciences is located, on the 40th floor – you can get a pretty good feel for the conference and how I “felt” about it by reading my CMSWire post.

The Programmatic World Tour

I think its fair to say that hardly anyone knows what “Programmatic” is, but that is something my classes at Baruch are learning about first hand, as we take a Programmatic Tour of the major players in this space that are located, mostly in New York City, in Manhattan to be exact – read my post below to learn more.