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Brands Only Presentation in Orlando, FL – 12/9/13

Besides using Geofeedia to monitor the conference (and blissfully not worrying about hashtags as I was capturing all the chatter at the convention center at the Disney Resort at the Grand Floridian) – I presented my own presentation at on December 9th.

Here’s the presentation.


I am working on my 2014 predictions and will have them ready shortly.

Gartner’s rise of “The Digital Industrial Economy” and Web Journal Late September – early October 2013

Arrival of the Digital Industrial Economy

Noted the press release today on – Gartner Says It’s the Beginning of a New Era: The Digital Industrial Economy - where Analysts are Discussing How Digitalization is Unleashing New Capabilities, During Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013, October 6-10, in Orlando.

What caught my eye was the following statement, made at the conference today by Peter Sondergaard who is senior vice president at Gartner and global head of Research.

 “Digitalization creates an accelerated technology-driven start up environment across the globe. Many of the vendors who are on top today, such as Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft, may not be leaders in the Digital Industrial Economy.”

It makes sense to me, as Sondergaard states, that “What many traditional IT vendors sold you in the past is often not what you need for the digital future. Their channel strategy, sales force, partner ecosystem is challenged by different competitors, new buying centers, and changed customer business model.”

Stopping to think about it, what stands in the way of using social data intelligence today is a lack of data that is “digitized” as Gartner suggests.   The Internet of Things along with zillions of new “IP Addresses” to intelligent sensors along with an infrastructure that can self organize and filter on it is what may stand in the way of turning this data we’re swimming in into something we can also constructively use.

And, much echoing my column in ClickZ on Convergence (there are few authors writing to the Convergence column – and the term isn’t technically mine) – The Digital Industrial Economy sounds like just another way to say “Convergence Analytics” and “Convergence Economy”:

“The Digital Industrial Economy will be built on the foundations of the Nexus of Forces (which includes a confluence and integration of cloud, social collaboration, mobile and information) and the Internet of Everything by combining the physical world and the virtual.”


Web Journal

  • Spoke at Brown University last Friday on profiling using Facebook (to look at that presentation here is the link and the password is “abab”.   The talk when well and I’ll probably be back to conduct a seminar next Spring to a much larger audience.


Here’s a shot I took from the new book on Viral Marketing –  The Science of Sharing – by Karen Nelson-Field which is part of algorithm that is used by Unruly Media for the ViralVideoChart.

Source:  Viral Marketing –  The Science of Sharing – by Karen Nelson-Field

I was able to use Netbase, building a methodology to do something like this (see below):


Based on …. the top videos on the Viral Video Chart



And there’s a lot more where that came from – if you want to learn more join me and Netbase on October 23rd.



Presentation to Inbound Meetup in NYC – September 16th, 2013

I’m giving a presentation tonight (embedded below) to the NYC Inbound Marketing Meetup and here’s the slides in (code is 1234).


In fact, today is a long day – it begins in Providence RI, heading back to NYC to teach my MBA class this evening at Baruch College where a friend of mine, Leticia Colon of Insights Digital is guest speaking.  Right after I’m done – dashing over to The General Society (upstairs) where I’ll speak.

BTW, I’m really loving – it’s a fantastic platform, with still lots of rough edges but the approach of content curation is perfect for me.