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122112 December 21, 2012 Presentation – Web Journal on 12.21.12

I’m going to be in Kingston NY later today and burning the midnight oil – just finished this presentation.  I had fun with it, but obviously, had I more time I could have done a better job.   I was just trying to treat the material in a new and interesting way – we’ll see how well it goes over at Dragon Search Marketing in about 12 hours.



Don’t know about you but I’m hoping to make at least one party tonight – it’s said the Internet will go wild today – but we’ll see if it amounts to anything.  The more things are hyped, the less substance they generally have.  I set up a profile in Netbase to see if I could pick up anything there.



Netbase also has a word map of the most important people – see if you agree with it.


Here’s a few tweets that were picked up – but I’m too warn out to analyze them now.