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Analytics for Musicians presented to Chamber Music America on December 2nd, 2014 at St. Peter’s Church – NYC

I’m presenting a deck merges a lot of the thinking behind what i’m doing at Baruch College Zicklin School of Business with the insights I’ve developed at Rutgers University in the past – and put it in service of Musicians (both Classical and Jazz).

The talk is being streamed live at Chamber-Music.org between 3 PM and 5 PM on December 2nd, as well.  In a few weeks (we hope) the presentation will be online at Chamber-Music.org and I’ll post the video up on YouTube as soon as I get it.

A lot here, hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave me a comment if something strikes you as a possible area to develop out of this work.

WebMetricsGuru Updates – September 9th, 2014 – Web Journal

Analytics updates – I’ll get to those right after covering various comings and goings.

What I’ve been doing:

It’s been longer (6 weeks or so) since I last posted, and after coming back from London in mid July, I was busy preparing the courses that I’m teaching at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College this fall - and that effort is intense,  both draining and rewarding, pretty much rotating back and forth in  cycle, and overall I’m happy with the results (and now the test is making sure my students are also happy with what they are learning).

  • My Rutgers course on Social Media for the Arts is also running (thankfully I have a TA there, and will have another at Baruch College) with about 120 students or so in two online sections.

  •  I will also be the guest speaker at the First Tuesday presentation of Chamber Music of America, which has over 6 thousand members, many Jazz and Classical small ensemble musicians.  My presentation will be titled “”Grow your Musical Audience with Web / Social Analytics” – right now there’s no promo page for the event but you can see others that took place over the last two years at CMA’s Video Library page.
  • There’s a couple of other things in the works – but I haven’t done enough to talk about them yet.  But one more thing, I decided to join the Digital Analytics Association under their educational membership – I used to be a board member when it was called the Web Analytics Association, but left it in 2009.  I joined because I thought it would help my students by giving me more access to web analytics research and current thought, making sure I’m up to date on the recent developments in Analytics.

There’s probably more but I’m too tired to write much else tonight – but I’ll attempt to keep this blog a bit more up to date now – as I miss blogging.