The Sentiment around the Sentiment Analysis Symposium @CMSWire and the Programmatic Tour

Short post – Just want to announce two things today.

  • The first stop on our Programmatic World Tour took place Wednesday at The Rubicon Project.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium at 7 World Trade Center – where the Academy of Sciences is located, on the 40th floor – you can get a pretty good feel for the conference and how I “felt” about it by reading my CMSWire post.

The Programmatic World Tour

I think its fair to say that hardly anyone knows what “Programmatic” is, but that is something my classes at Baruch are learning about first hand, as we take a Programmatic Tour of the major players in this space that are located, mostly in New York City, in Manhattan to be exact – read my post below to learn more.





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