SoLoMo Analytics FITNYC course, Programmatic, Programmatic, New Blog Theme and GigaOM’s Structure:Data this week

Certainly a lot of Programmatic and Big Data going on this week and I have been extremely busy building the new Fashion Institute of Technology Social and Mobile Analytics course that is running early next month – but more about that shortly.

The last Simulmedia Salon

First – I went to a Programmatic event last Thursday at the latest Simulmedia Salon and wrote about it at CMSWire in a post titled “Programmatic Shaping the Future of TV Ad Buying” which was just published this morning.


The Best Editor is …

I need to call out Noreen Seebacher who is the best editor I have ever worked with (bar none), not only does she know the Analytics and Media space well, but has been able to take my ideas and complete them, all while ensuring that my original ideas and voice remain.

She sees it as just good editing I suspect, I beg to differ, and think it’s a pretty rare gift in short supply.  Other properties I write for have done less editing (sometimes I can’t even see any changes), and I certainly don’t do all the editing I could on this blog, by far.

That’s because I have good ideas and can make a good start on an article, and sometimes take it pretty far, but I think my writing gets much better when someone at Noreen’s level can take it a few levels beyond where I have been able to do on my own.

The ideal would be to have collaborate, sketching out the article, putting some of the main accents in it, and then hand it off to be finished, as I have done with the CMSwire articles.

The Programmatic Tour of the Universe  (or NYC, at the very least)

At the end of the article I mentioned a” Programmatic Tour” I am taking my classes at Baruch College on, and that tour continues this week at WPP/Xasis, I will have more to say about that at CMSWire later this week or early next.

Right now, few people seem to have deep understanding of programmatic ads. Businesses in this space can’t find enough qualified people and are forming apprenticeships to train the next generation of media buyers and content creators.

With that in mind, John Matthews of the Comscient Group have started  a grand “Programmatic Tour” with my students at Baruch College to explore the New York City universe of programmatic platforms.

We just started the tour last week with a visit to Rubicon Project, an online ad tech firm. We’ll have more stops on our tour shortly — and we will report about them here at CMSWire.

My students are very excited about programmatic, and frankly, so am I.

A New Blog Theme (or several)

BTW, I am trying a new blog theme at WebMetricsGuru – I think 7 years of the old one was quite enough – it’s a work in progress so forgive the changes you will see from time to time.

Attending GigaOm’s Structure:Data this week

I am at Structure: Data this week in NYC (Wednesday/Thursday)


I am also attending a VIP party for Structure:Data tonight.  Actually, there’s a great post on GigaOm detailing how this year the conference will be even better than the last two years (I have attended all three NYC events in this conference series).


A long day and night and the Hands on Social and Mobile Analytics Course at Fashion Institute of Technology next month

Wrote enough today – it has been a long, long day and I haven’t even gotten to the SoLoMo part of this post (which I might not get to at all, tonight).

Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York - logo

CTD 650 55A Social and Mobile Analytics Apr 5, 12 S 1000 AM-500 PM -Marshall Sponder, Course Creator and Instructor CC154 $285.00 REGISTER ONLINE

Actually, ANYONE can register for CTD 650 55A – its only $285.00 and you get 14+ hours of super condensed course.

I hope some of my readers consider signing up.  Hurry, the course runs in less than 3 weeks!




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