Ringside seats at #Sochi2014 Winter Olympics and Social Media Week 2014 thanks to Geofeedia and Crimson Hexagon

It feels so liberating to write for a change – I miss it, the self expression, sharing, feels so natural to me that I wonder why I don’t post as much as I used to, anymore.  Maybe its the 213 students at Rutgers this semester plus 38 students at Baruch, plus a bunch of other classes and projects that take so much of my attention these days.  But when I write, like I do today, its as if it feels so right, so good, I don’t want to stop.

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Said I would write a long post at the end of the Winter Olympics in Sochi – but indulge me in a video first – it’s 10 minutes long but shows you the Ringside seat I had at the Olympics all along with Geofeedia.  I could have been there – and I have much material, over 74,000 posts and almost 15,000 Twitter and Instagram accounts that actually attended, mostly Russian, to follow up with, were I interested in that kind of research.

This post is so long that I’ll probably do a different one on Social Media Week NYC, #smwnyc which also happened this week here in New York.

Source: Sochi Olympics with Geofeedia #geofeedia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlsxkDIcv8Y&feature=youtu.be&hd=1

Combining Geofeedia with Crimson Hexagon would be ideal – since I have in my power to use both right now – that’s what I have done, for a variety of reasons.  Geofeedia has not got much in the way of text analytics, these two platforms could well live together – they each have things the other could benefit from – Crimson Hexagon would get a source of verified local data and accounts while Geofeedia would get automated training algorithms, superior text analytics and a much better visualization and reporting engine, something it needs, along with a visual analytics (both are missing that – ie: recognizing shapes in images, recognizing brand appearances in images – such as Coca Cola bottles, not just in text).


Source: Crimson Hexagon – Sochi Winter Olympics Monitor – Feb 7th – 15th Major Topic Waves

 I am really grateful in my life today to be able to combine things in a way that serves people, serves humanity and serves the vendors that have shared their platforms with me.

Friday I attended a BWG Strategy Roundtable on Twitter where my mind raced to fill in blanks.  Mostly Analysts, Investors or Brands present – I’m neither, so I never know quite how I fit in, much less got invited – but I’m there anyway.  I hear what people have to say about Twitter Advertising, missed opportunities and what strikes me is that most of Twitter’s problems are solvable with a little imagination, which they seem to lack.    Recent reports from Business Insider saying that Twitter growth is stalling seemed to be on everyone’s mind.

In other words, the pieces to solve all of Twitter problems already exist – they just haven’t been combined properly. Here are the elements.

  1. Twitter Analytics single pixel tracking code
  2. Twitter App connection to iPhone and Android gyro devices
  3. Verified lists of event attendees via #geofeedia and iBeacon devices

Consider the problem of noise and who actually sees a tweet – Solvable – easy – not that the Twitter seems to be focused on the obvious – hate to say it.

  • You can determine who has seen any tweet on a mobile device running the Twitter (and perhaps other apps) by simply tapping into the mobile device gyro and finger movements – anyone who could be actually looking at a tweet would have to scroll the Twitter feed (and likely gaze at the tweet) and if it’s on a phone, the movement of the phone would tell you if someone is actually reading at tweet(s).   You can pull that into Analytics too – and profit off that data – but I hate to say it – Twitter seems to be totally missing the obvious opportunities present and going after things its Board feels are more important.  Too bad.
  • With Geofeedia and iBeacon platforms you could not only pick up a list of people at events that are being tracked -but you could also follow up with surveys (when someone wanted to respond) AND serve that single pixel that Twitter now has, on the responses.   Why is that so hard to grasp?

You would think smart people at Twitter would have seen that by now – I guess they aren’t that smart, or else, they’re not been that successful yet at whatever they are planning and are not wanting to tip their hand.

Finally, event sponsorship at the Sochi Winter Olympics – I did a little research project  and found some really interesting things – most of which I won’t talk about today.

Source: Crimson Hexagon – Sponsors at Winter Olympics

Official Sponsor of Sochi Winter Olympics  placements in Social Media

The query I used, to the extent I could was executed in the same way on all the platforms (Geofeedia doesn’t apply as it is all based on Geo-location).

(sochi OR “Olympic Games” OR Olympics OR “Sochi 2014″ OR “2014 Olympics” OR сочи2014 OR олимпиада OR #sochi OR олимпийский OR #Sochi2014 OR олимпиада2014 OR “олимпиада 2014″ OR “краснодарский 2014″ OR олимпиады OR #olympicgames OR олимпийскиеигры OR олимпийской OR олимпийская OR олимпийского OR #olimpicgames OR #olimpicgames2014) AND (Visa OR P&G OR “McDonald’s” OR McDonalds OR Subway OR Nike OR “Atos Origin” OR “Coca-Cola” OR Dow OR GE OR “General Electric” OR Omega OR Panasonic OR P&G OR Samsung OR Visa OR At&t OR BMW OR BP OR “British Petroleum” OR Budweiser OR Chobani OR Citi OR “Kellogg’s” OR Kelloggs OR Kellogg OR “Liberty Mutual” OR Nike OR “Ralph Lauren” OR “TD Ameritrade” OR “Smuckers” OR “United Airlines”)

Have fun with this!  I have had enough writing, enough work for one day.


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