When is a Like more than just a Like? – Web Journal March 3rd – 12th, 2013

Among other things I’m preparing a presentation and workshop for London in less than two weeks and also have spent a good amount of time exploring Facebook Graph Search whenever I can.  Came up with some interesting findings of my own which I still am trying to integrate.

But I think the Cambridge Study on what Facebook Likes reveal is more interesting and has the potential to act as as a “Rosetta Stone”, for this kind of work.  I read the  study a few times already (Private traits and attributes are predictable from digital records of human behavior) and have begun to integrate it (but I’m not done yet) with my own research.

Can’t speak to the math and regressions used, but I was able to visualize all the sub-dimensions and came up with over 400 Likes that can be used to chart your personality and behavior (I’ll leave it at that).   I left out a few sub dimensions but here’s most of them.


High IQ
Low IQ
Satisfied with Life
Dissatisfied with Life
Liberal and Open
Conservative and Closed
Well Organized and planned
Agreeable (cooperative)
Competitive (disagreeable)
Older (Baby Boomer?)
Have many friends
Have few friends
Male – Gay
Male – Straight
Straight woman
In a relationship
Alcohol Use (Alcoholic?)
Not an Alcoholic
Uses Drugs
Does not abuse Drugs
Not a smoker


Some of the Facebook Likes seem obvious makers for say, “Democrat” vs. “Republican” or “Male” vs. “Female”, while others are not so obvious.   The Washington Post article points out “Curly Fries” as something that more intelligent people like – I don’t think that’s too obvious to anyone but seems to come up in the research which covered the detailed likes and testing of over 58,000 Facebook profiles later last year.

I think the “Likes” as charted, could be used now with Facebook Graph Search to a limited extent (you probably would not find anyone who fits the exact description of High IQ, for example, by liking all these things (see below).

Likes Indicator
The Godfather High IQ
Mozart High IQ
Thunderstorms High IQ
The Colbert Report High IQ
Morgan Freemans Voice High IQ
The Daily Show High IQ
Lord Of The Rings High IQ
To Kill A Mockingbird High IQ
Science High IQ
Curly Fries High IQ
Jason Aldean Low IQ
Tyler Perry Low IQ
Sephora Low IQ
Chiq Low IQ
Bret Michaels Low IQ
Clark Griswold Low IQ
Bebe Low IQ
I Love Being A Mom Low IQ
Harley Davidson Low IQ
Lady Antebellum Low IQ

But you could find a lot of people who Liked 4 or 5 of those things and come up with interesting lists.   I have no way of determining accuracy of my results, but the authors of the study said they think their results are fairly accurate (see below).



So this study claims to be able to predict 85% of the time your real political affiliations and up to 88% of the time your sexual orientation and 93% of the time your gender.    Those are high claims.  My guess is with more “Data” the results might be yet better – we’ll have to see about that as more people get into this space.

People who like Mozart and Science and The Lord of the Rings (Lord of The Rings) and To Kill A Mocking Bird and The Godfather and Thunderstorms and The Colbert Report   has fewer than 100 results, but you can pick the top 3 or 4 and get thousands of results.

Link (if you have access to Graph Search).

My latest thinking it to try to link Graph Search with why people choose certain types of platforms (say “Social Intelligence” vs “Social Marketing Management” (this comes mostly from the platforms listed in the Social Lumascape) but I probably didn’t go deep enough.  In any case, what I can say is that ….





People who “Liked” these companies also Liked most commonly The Beatles and Pink Floyd whereas those people who liked platforms in another section of the chart liked Pink Floyd and Radiohead just a little bit more than they like The Beatles (which everybody in marketing seems to like – ha)!

Using the results of the Cambridge Study I mentioned above I as able to find a few correlations, but honestly, I think I’d need to dig much, much deeper to find much more than this and I don’t yet have the tools or time for it just now. If we use the maker of liking “Jesus Christ” as an example of “being satisfied with Life” then a few of the areas of the Lumascape have people who are that (because they liked Jesus Christ).  

The funny thing is that the people who I segmented on above that are of High IQ, don’t seem to highly Like “Jesus Christ” – but instead, seem to like things like Philosophy.

That’s enough for now – I hoped to add the Web Journal part but am running out of time to do it.  Next time.

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