At GigaOm STRUCTURE:DATA CONFERENCE – Web Journal March 12th – 20th, 2013

Today, March 20th I’ll be at GigaOm’s STRUCTURE:DATA conference in New York City at Chelsea Piers all day, Pier 60 to be exact, as Press (I’ll also try to attend part of Thursday, though I doubt I will be there for all of it).



Of the sessions I plan to attend here’s what most interests me, and hopefully, if I have my hands of the pulse of what interests the readership here, us.

Wednesday, March 20th

  • AUGMENTING ALGORITHMS WITH HUMAN INPUT so as to attack complex problems in a shorter time frame  (9:30 AM)
  • WHAT DOES COLLABORATION AMONG HUMANS AND MACHINES REALLY LOOK LIKE? Purpose is to explore what the impacts will be for the workplace and those implementing systems to aid human decision making (9:50 AM)
  • WHERE IS THE BIG DATA INDUSTRY GOING? – I have my own guesses on what will be said here, but I’d like to hear more about it.  Personally, I think “Big Data” has been hyped, and the real problem isn’t getting Big Data to work in your organization, but rather, to learn how to effectively use the data you already have.
  • BIG DATA IS BROKEN WITHOUT INTEGRATION (11:30 AM). This need for data integration seems obvious, but I think the real issues aren’t so much “integration” but a redefinition of what a business really is for 2013 and beyond.  The Data Integration problem, along with the classic silo issues that plague many organizations are the result of old ways of thinking that no longer serve us as well.  Typically, 15 years ago businesses were getting into eCommerce and thought of their web data as a channel, where as now the website and the processes behind it, often ARE THE BUSINESS.   So the idea of fixing “Big Data” by integrating in the organization, without fixing what the organization thinks of itself – I personally think is doomed to fail. Lets see what SnapLogic has to say about it.  Of course they will be looking at technology as the solution, but I think it will not be the solution, ultimately.
  •  THE CIA’S “GRAND CHALLENGES” WITH BIG DATA (12:30) – I’m not expecting any state secrets to be revealed here but rather, a re-confirmation of the public monitoring projects that the CIA is clearly involved with.  No doubt, semantics will play a role here – and of course – as the world has 7 Billion people in it, and about 2 Billion are online now – and the CIA wants to monitor much of it – that’s a “Big Data” problem, the big daddy of Big Data issues, I think.
  • MU SIGMA SPONSOR WORKSHOP – AQUITANIA EAST SUITE (1:05 PM -Leveraging big data to drive customer acquisition and loyalty).  I’ve been curious to see what credit card companies are doing with third party data – I think it’s something we should all be very curious about – so I’ll attend this workshop which focuses on MasterCard and it’s use of Big Data business decisions such as location expansion, bench-marking to competitors, and defining “best” customers.
  •  RECOMMIND SPONSOR WORKSHOP – AQUITANIA WEST SUITE Rise of the machines: machine learning and unstructured data.  This subject is right out of Chapter 3 of my book on Social Media Analytics, so of course, I want to attend and hear what is being done to turn unstructured data into structured data (which is the focus of this conference, after all – ha!).
  • ADDRESSING THE TENSION BETWEEN PERSONALIZATION AND PRIVACY (4:30)  – I think this is a “big brother” type of session – collecting the data on everything vs. respecting our privacy (if it still even exists).

If I make it to Structure:Data Thursday it’ll only be for the first few hours.  Overall, as I did last year, I’ll write a review of the conference before I head off to London later on this week (or maybe I’ll do it on the way over the Atlantic).

Social Media for the Arts Summer Session

Right now I have a sponsored post running in Facebook for the summer session of my online course at Rutgers University – Social Media for the Arts.  This semester (Spring 2013) I have 97 students in two sections, 46 in section 90 and 51 in section 91.   You also don’t have to be a Rutgers student to take my course, it’s also offered by the Business School and anyone can sign up (if they can pay $3500.00 for registration).  The Mini-MBA version of the course is identical to the Undergraduate / Graduate sessions and in fact, are merged, you get equivalency credit for the course.


Social Media for the Arts – Rutgers University – Marshall Sponder course author and instructor

If your interested in taking my course over the summer here’s what you can do:

- For information about my course click here

– If you are a Rutgers student (Grad or Undergrad) you can register for my course with this link

– To register for the Mini-MBA for Social Media for the Arts as a Non-Rutgers student go to this link

– To see student testimonials for Social Media for the Arts Fall 2012 semester - then view this document.

– To view the RuTV PSA spot for Social Media for the Arts – go to this link -

Feel free to share this information with your friends and friends of friends.



Here’s the RuTV Spot that is also on YouTube.



I wish I had the energy to write up the Web Journal part of my post but I’m too tired tonight – just wanted to get this post out and also encourage anyone that wants to know more about my course to contact me at @webmetricsguru  and we’ll take it from there.

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