The Power of Imagination and Web Journal – 2/6/13 – 2/13/13

I was thinking about social media platforms as some of my students @Rutgers have questioned the usefulness of Twitter, for example, for classical musicians and singers.   That got me thinking that for anything to work you need imagination and creativity (you need to care, and you need a story to tell).

Tweets are tweets, but some people write better tweets and those will tend to be read more – better content (better, of course, is a relative term – one can ask – “better to whom”) is going to generate more interest, hopefully from those whom it is intended.

Comings and goings this week

Well, the snow came and went – and I was in Rhode Island for all of it, but the snow gave me a chance to think and wrap up a hard copy of my course - something I can’t really share yet in this form but I was able to print up a copy for myself using the Google Expresso Machine at NYU, a fascinating platform that has to power to reinvent publishing (not that hasn’t already been reinvented).  It used to be that the hardest part of printing a book was writing it and then getting it published.  Well, getting it published can happen with the Google Expresso Machine in an hour.  It was amazing to see – and the quality is excellent.    I’m still cleaning it up – so the version I have is just for me – but I think I can see where this will all lead, hopefully sooner than later.

Another thing that came to light this week is the London Trip materializing where I’ll be speaking at the end of March.


There’s also another conference I’ll be speaking at in St. Louis in early April – but the details aren’t yet announced so this link doesn’t yet work but will, shortly.


I guess I’ll have more to say shortly – been thinking of a few long posts and feeling that need to get them out soon, so I suspect you’ll see bunch of content appearing from me soon.

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