2/1/13 SocialBakers World Tour and Web Journal #mgartr13

I was happy to be invited to the SocialBakers World Tour launch yesterday at the W Hotel on Park Avenue South in Manhattan.



There was much that was very interesting that was discussed (and since it was going to be posted online, I didn’t bother to write much of anything down).


But one thing did strike me – that success in Social Media, based on the accounts of the speakers, now depends on the combination of disparate qualities and skills that are rarely found together in one person, but can be formed with groups.


The skills that brands are looking for in Social (that is, mature brands, not your fly by night campaigns, that will continue to use cheap stuff and anything for free, nothing against that – but that’s not where we really want to go ultimately) are …..


  • Graphic Design(er), Typography (illustration/Photoshop)
  • Copywriter
  • Strategist


Most often, what is most wanted is a combination of the the first two, but that’s usually too hard to find, so small groups of Designers paired with good storytellers (copy writing) are what brands are looking for.  Interesting.


Often, the first two are paired with a digital strategist – the three form a triad and that’s what enables the creation of the ability to both listen, respond and engage with the kind of content that people want.   So the age of hiring interns to run campaigns, or even set them up, that’s not going to fly for the bigger types of endeavors.


That’s great, because it’s exactly what I teach at Rutgers in #mgartr13.   People who don’t attend Rutgers are taking it too and you can also see more on the Facebook Page.


Anyway, there was a lot that has been going over the last week and I’ll be back shortly to post about it some more.  A lot to catch up on!



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