Social Media for The Arts e-Learning and Rutgers University #mgartr13 on Rutgers TV (RuTV)

Well, I’m proud to post this video that is running live on Rutgers TV (RuTV) about my course at Rutgers University called Social Media for The Arts (I authored and teach it).  Right now there is close to 90 students in two sections.  Along with this course, I also have another running at UC Irvine on Social Media Measurement.



I guess to put the course in context and what it aims to achieve I am embedding my presentation from last week (again) as well  as the PEW Report that cite at the end of the video.


The Pew Report on Arts and Technology is one of the required readings, along with the Transmedia Storytelling book and another collection of articles from Musical America on Social Media.  I plan to write an in-depth post about the Pew Report and also tie in my course, but my presentation does a good job of making the case for Analytics in the Arts.  Of course, my approach is different, and somewhat didactic, much as I am.
I reasoned that before people could use technology intelligently they had to fundamentally embrace it and then come to terms with it, only then would the time and value of the work be understood and accepted.  Instead of teaching someone just the practical approach, I opted to build the universal interface into technology.
Besides, there is no way to fully contain the growth of emerging media and technology – one can only sample it at key points, and try to keep up with the ever expanding wave of innovation so as to intelligently direct it.

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