01/17/13 Social Media For the Arts Presentation @Rutgers #ruoc

I think this may be the finest presentation I’ve done to date, and it’s certainly one I worked the hardest on, though most of my presentations take a few days to prepare and are often re-worked quite a bit.  I had to take out a few things that just weren’t ready to share yet (ideas that need development).

Meanwhile I managed to  establish that Social Media more complicated and deep than most people realize, according to a friend that looked at the deck this morning.  Perhaps that’s why the results of social media are often disappointing to individuals and in agencies – they simply misunderstand what’s involved and as a result, have unrealistic expectations, timelines and budgets.

The reaction is positive but while I struggled to convey my ideas as clearly as possible, and with as little fluff as can be, there were still some instructors in the audience that wanted their little chocolate nuggets of wisdom, something that could just understand and apply without having to do anything.

It may be that building the courses of the future – if this is indeed a vision of one possible reality, will need to be tailored by department and group.  By next year I’ll have a few more semesters teaching this course (I’m moving into the third semester teaching Social Media for The Arts starting next Tuesday) and I will have a better ideas what other instructors in the audience @Rutgers were looking for.

Still, I think I got many of them thinking.  And honestly, no one can contain all of Social Media – the subject is exploding and knowledge expanding so quickly that all we can hope to do is sample it at key points and try to contain as much of it as we can.


Web Journal

More of Facebook Graph Search


I’m going to posit something now – if we can do this kind of marketing analysis using Facebook Graph Search then targeting will move up a few notches (since finding the people you want to reach is now easier and better) and delivery of the marketing message is going to become even more important.

It makes sense that now the right person is being reached – marketing is going to be more effective – only if the delivery matched the expectations and likes of the target – and as competition for the target audience attention goes up, they in turn will become harder to please.

 ROI Mantras of Social Media?

One of my students in the UC Irvine course wrote this article – students in #mgartr12 and soon (next week) #mgartr13 should read it in fact, let’s just be one big family.

Both courses (my SMM one at Irvine) and the Rutgers course are really just two sides of a “coin,wrapper” so to speak.


Well, could write more but this has been a long, long day and I’m ready to crash.  Meanwhile, take a look the the deck above.

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