Fragmented Analytics, Dark Data & Synthesio – Web Journal Late November 2012

An article I wrote for AllAnalytics was published today on Putting Analytics Fragmentation Into Perspective which I’m really happy with – hope you go over to and read it.  In the article I talk about and define Dark Data, Dark Social and Ultraviolet Data (a term I coined).

Another article came out two days ago from Synthesio, basically and interview of me which featured my last self portrait (from 2009, I think, but it may have been 2008).  The post is titled Not Big Data, the “Right” Data – An Interview with Marshall Sponder, it evoked a smile and a chuckle, as everything Synthesio does is “artful”, from the layout of the platform to the way they communicate.  A big hug and thanks to my friends over at the Synthesio NYC office, as well as friends in London and Paris.

Auto-Portrait by Marshall


I also had a nice conversation with Ric Dragon today (of Dragon Search) and we’re discussing an event in his Kingston, NY offices on December 21st, 2012 – the supposed day the world ends, according the Mayan Calendar, etc.  Maybe it’ll just be a new and better world.  Anyway, it’ll be an interesting December 21st, one way or the other!


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