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Just a brief post to mention how the election went (which I alluded to in my last post) – it seems like Nate Silver at Five Thirty Eight blog called the every state correctly and was wrong on just one senate race.  I think that gives rise to the Quant as the election forecaster, something long predicted by none other than Eric Peterson.  If anyone in the analytics space gets on the cover of Time Magazine, it’ll probably be Nate Silver.


It was also interesting to see just how much hot air was in the entire election cycle, go to about 3 minutes in – ha!  Notable is 5:30 minutes in.  That was priceless!


In other news, my course at UC Irvine on Social Media Measurement is running again and anyone can sign up – first day of class is January 14th.

I’m also scheduled to teach 4 sessions (lets’ make that even more) of Social Media for The Arts – at Rutgers University next semester as well.  In fact, I’m building a Facebook Page right now (not done yet) for the class.  The page below is for Rutgers Students who have Net ID’s an can enroll themselves in my remote training class.   The first time I taught (last Winter/Spring) there was 1 session, this semester there is 2 sessions, next semester there are 4 sessions (and lets make it even more).


The pathway for someone who isn’t a Rutgers students is somewhat different - they sign up through the Rutgers CMD program directly. The course is $3500.00 and delivered in a similar way to the undergrad experience, but some of the requirements may be different.  The CMD program is award winning, and mine falls under the Mini-MBA program.

Here’s mine.




Finally, it’s my birthday, so I’m writing this post not only to keep readers updated, but because it makes me happy (and I’m wishing for more opportunities to write and teach next year, as well as exciting analytics projects, ones that I choose.

Finally, hope this see this movie over the weekend (and maybe today).


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