Memorial Day Weekend Post and Web Journal – 5/20 – 5/25/2012


My guess is I’ll get to post again this weekend, but just in case, I’ll memorialize now, since I haven’t had time over the last week. Among projects I’m working on now is the UCI Extension Social Media Measurement Course  MGMT X461.71 that starts in exactly a month (June 25th).  The course material, built in the Moodle shell, is shaping up nicely, and like a cook that adds the seasoning, as I assemble the material more ideas come to me – and we’ll also be using NetBase as a platform (along, possibly, Radian6, since there is a partnership between McGraw-Hill, the publisher of my book, and Salesforece/Radian6 around my book for Universities).

Also, in a month exactly, the NYT Small Business Conference takes place, which is a big deal, and I’ll be speaking twice, that day.  The session I’ll be speaking to twice is Dymistifying Data.



Making sense of Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, EdgeRank, Conversation Analysis and other similar free data research tools to help better your online presence.


Mona Chaudhuri, Head of Product, Chartbeat
Marshall Sponder, Founder of WebMetricsGuru INC, Author of Social Media Analytics (2012, McGraw-Hill), Instructor for Social Media at Rutgers University and UCI Irvine.

… and I’ll be preparing THAT presentation in early June.

Thoughts and Visits:

  • Dropped by Associated Press the other day to visit the folks at Visual Revenue – and friend Dennis Mortensen.  Among the tidbits was the optimization VR does for online newspapers is invisible to readers, but very evident to the publishers – and gets a very significant boost on in monetizing online news properties.  Another thing stuck out to me – Dennis and I spoke about Analysis Fatigue – and that Visual Revenue helps editors and publishers do their job better, test out titles, move stories to where they are most visible, keep them up longer or shorter, without asking they get involved in Analytics.  I wondered if the movement to streamline business and operational process is now becoming an established trend, as it was echoed by my friends at Venuelabs, today.   The argument is that Analytics is now becoming married to the business function, and no longer needs to be, or should be, considered independently.  Hmmm…. will be interesting to see where this goes.
  • I was also at the Russell Simmons – Dylan Ratigan event last night at the 92nd Street Y which was interesting in that I didn’t know what I stumbled onto, but was interested in the political debate on how to fund political change.

Web Journal:

So … overall, a lot of good stuff!

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