Big Data comes to Politics – Pt 2 – Web Journal

Yesterday I wrote my first post about Big Data and Politics.

I suppose, picking up on the big data subject,  knowing the skew of political affiliation in the United States who are watching Prime Time TV would be useful to know (see below), especially if you can target them via Facebook.


One can take the information above (probably with a grain of salt, to be honest, since we don’t really know how the data was classified and operated on) and perhaps combine it with various other platforms such as Dataminr, WayIn (for quick polling)InfiniGraph (say, for 30 Rock), add a touch of geo-location with Venuelabs (especially if a local race is involved), build a set of panels, data mine the panels for new and unusual signals around the issues (which need to be determined, anyway).   Of course, it’s all how this information is assembled that is going to make the difference as to weather it’s that useful, or scalable (for that matter) or not – and that’s what I’ve been thinking a lot about, delivering.

If, as the article I cited earlier mentions, that certain “buttons” need to be pushed (and we know there is a lot of this in politics), you now have the issues, the panels, the locations and the social accounts to draw on.

All you need now, is the Candidate (and his or her team), and some funding for a beta test, because working with Big Data, even though these off the shelf platforms, has associated costs.

Add a dash of Klout (for sorting of the accounts – not perfect, but Klout / PeerIndex is doing a lot of the sorting and influence scoring (along with interest identifications), independently.

I think we could use a few off the shelf platforms (like the one’s I mentioned above), along  with some customizations (which I can envision) and get about 90-95% of the same result as the Big Data science effort, for a much smaller cost, just by leveraging Facebook’s targeting by zipcode and interests (tie in InfiniGraph’s affinity trends and Venuelabs geolocation checkins to build district panels).

Throw in some Gamification, which turns out not to be that big a deal, and Whala.

It’s not as high end as what’s going on  behind closed doors (that no one is talking about, openly), but it doesn’t need to be

..(because much of the intelligence has already been built into the platforms mentioned, and what is needed is the intelligent and customized integration of those tools meshed and synced with the campaign’s goals, not necessarily, a team of Data Scientists (though having the right one on hand, for the campaign, is probably a good idea, on retainer – because stories about Big Data (a la Dachis) – and Big Hype abound, and if mud is slung, the ability to analyze the content and push back, I foresee, will be needed).

Web Journal – Stories I liked:

    • UnMetric seems pretty interesting, perhaps an alternative to SBI and alot cheaper (yes, let’s keep Dachis Group’s big data B2C hype in check) and has overlaps with what InfiniGraph creates, but in a somewhat different way, so we see that Big Data is being harnessed via various lens.

  •  Wavii is a new service I’m still trying to figure out.
  • Semphonic’s XChange Conference in Europe (wish I could be there) is happening in two months (see X Change Berlin – Exploring Big data and Digital Analytics) exploring where on the maturity curve an organization should be before jumping into big data analytics and warehousing.   This XChange will attempt to answer the question, if success in traditional SaaS Web analytics should be a prerequisite for success in analytics warehousing? And how much sense does it make to invest heavily in an analytics direction you think is interim at best?
  • Saw the Altimter people in NYC at a tweetup Wednesday night – turns out they were here in NYC with a mission and Social Media Agencies are now taking on Advertising Agencies for the same budgets with Social Advertising Ads.
  • But what I have I been missing?  Yes, I got it …. A Dutch Model Strips for  more Facebook Likes.  Must have been too distracted with Big Data and Politics issues lately- Ha!

Facebook Stussy Campaign

    • Maybe I should be doing Martin Rooney’s Warrior Cardio workout and get his “Pushup Warrior” iphone App, judging from the abs that Oliver Blanchard is showing, with 4 weeks of the pushup warrior’s workouts.  Hmmm.   Don’t think the rock star / sports star thing quite fits me (but then again, maybe that’s what the Pushup Warrior workout is for).

Maybe I’ll get up to 100 pushups in 2 min, like Martin did, below.

Well, that’s it.   I’ll try posting again soon, but might be tied up with speaking at the Social Media Analytics Summit in San Francisco early next week – we’ll see.

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