Back in the USA and Search Analytics – Web Journal – March 5th – 19th, 2012

Back from Singapore and London, I’m glad that I went to Singapore, but it’s a long trip, and not one I would make often.  I saw a lot of really interesting things in Singapore including:

  • T.Jacket (getting a hug from a jacket) – like the idea of a jacket that applies pressure to calm emotional issues (as well as treating autistic people) and provides analytics; I tried a jacket on just to see what it felt like.  I think this product falls into the realm of personal analytics
  • Noisestreet - I didn’t really understand the platform but it looked like an interesting concept.
  • Sageby – it’s a new platform that attempts to monetize spare time – I’ve seen ideas like this before, I suspect the issues will be in adoption (would enough people adopt it to make the platform worthwhile – but then again, perhaps they’ll find a way to get more people to try it).
  • – create a story around a piece of fashion – it’s not really a technology, but more of a service – interesting idea, can’t say it’s something I’d have thought of doing – probably good for SEO.
  • 3D INTERNATIONAL - it’s hardware technology that enables content to be shown in 3D, as long as the content is remastered for it – does not require glasses.
  • There was also fashion mapping program that I found interesting, but the developer did not have an online demo to link to, and I don’t have the name of the application yet.

Also visited Brandtology’s offices in Singapore and had a very in-depth presentation of a case study around Harbor City, Hong Kong, as well as the other kinds of reports and analysis that Brandtology offers to it’s clients. Very impressive – especially some new stuff I can’t yet talk about.  Also got to swim in the Infinity Pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and go on the Singapore Flyer.  Also had a change to visit Hackerspace Singapore last Wednesday night.  In London, spent time with friends over at Innovation Warehouse and The British Museum while spending time in Couch End part of London for a few days before heading back.

Web Journal


Big Data

  • No one Analyzing Big Data? I think this is a good post that says you must first put your data in a model before it can be analyzed (very much Gary Angel’s point of view, as is mine).
  • Big Data is being HypedI agree – in fact, this was a great article – doesn’t change that I want to write a book about this (Big Data) but I was most interested in point f, the rest, I already knew, but it was a great examination of what is really going on with getting the value of Big Data and if the growth will really be what people have said.  On the other hand, there is a lot to say there will be growth in the area of Big Data, but more in bringing it to areas such as public data, and reaching out to smaller businesses that might not have been able to leverage it before, for various reasons.


Finally, was thinking about a few things such as

  • The need to articulate business and analytics issues – that might have been an effect of reading this article on Big Data, but there’s an argument that it’s difficult, if not impossible to analyze that which we can not articulate and verbalize – and many organizations need help with that.

Busy week ahead, including attending StructureData 2012 on Wednesday and Thursday – will post about this once I have a feeling for what is going on at the conference about Big Data.  Search Engine Strategies is also in NYC, so there’s  a lot going on.

Lots of stuff on look at, and think about.



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