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Another really busy week that left me engaged so much with what is going around around me, as to be unable post as much as I’d like; it’s not been the norm for me, but seems to be part of “ramping it up“, attending to the business at hand, being pushed to the limits.

Anyway, last Saturday an interesting debate happened around measurement tools on MeasurementMatt’s blog – but it suddenly was gone.

I found out the reasons why – and was asked to take the file down – which I said I’d do – but I just want to point out, in my opinion, what Matt should have done is stand his ground.  Matt’s views are strong, but they correct – though  I guess we all have to make compromises.  

But I”m independent, so I can say what I want.   Seeing what is happening here, makes me feel, for all the uncertainties, I’m better off this way, free to speak my mind – free to be me.


Social Media Week -

It’s over after today and I’ll have more to say this weekend – if I get a chance to post.  So far what I saw in a few of the sessions I attended was good information, but nothing really that would move the needle – the business community is learning more about what it takes to do good analytics – but most of what I heard was a rehash of what people have already said in the media – nothing really new.

One insight though – that if people want to use Big Data and algorithms to get at the truth of the matter – they may, paradoxically, not have enough the data they need, a big enough sample.   There really seems to be two approaches that people take with SMM.

  1. SMM – Social Listening – get a good sample and then code it like hell (break it down to actionable information and categories)
  2. Big Data – get a lot of raw data, process it via algorithm to find interesting relationships.


Despite what you think, a lot of brand monitoring might not have enough of the “big data” to make it worthwhile running an algorithm on it  – but few have fleshed out that position – and yet, it seemed obvious at the Bloomberg session I attended on Tuesday on Big Data.

More, later this weekend.  Cheers!






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