New Thoughts, Plus a couple of Events and upcoming Webinars, and Web Journal – Jan 10th – 17th

A massive amount of brain work has hit me – so much – that I have all I can do to compete it – and that is why I haven’t posted here as much as I’d like.  I noticed certain processes, gathering information, working with clients, working on decks for presentations, and so on is so draining, intensive and restricted, there’s often not enough energy left, to share what’s left (the parts, that is, that can be shared).  The Rutgers course on Social Media and The Arts has begun, and as of today we have 81 students in it, and that’s taken up a bit of time, both preparing for the course, and now, attending to students’ questions as they begin the course.

Let’s talk about  Webinars past and future.

  • Feedback from last week’s Semphonic Webinar is on SemAngel, Gary Angel’s blog, right nowSocial Media Measurement Tools - and there will be another webinar in mid February.  We’re on a roll now and we had 127 attendees (true, over 2000 people clicked on the link to sign for the webinar), but  we did very well considering that our focus was on tools and platforms, and not the regular social media strategy and “how to” webinar stuff everyone else seems to focus on.
  • Venuelabs and I are doing a joint webinar on January 31st, at 2PM EST – here’s the link to sign up for the webinar.  There’s also a Venuelabs blog post on the Webinar - here.
  • Recorded Future and I am doing another webinar on February 2nd, 2012 – no link for it, yet.

Events –


Blog Posts / Interviews

Readings – thoughts about:

A lot of attention on Google last week – as the general consensus was that Google had given up of Search and was pushing a lot of their traffic to Google Plus.  Dachis Group released the Social Business Index - looking at a specific business such as Vodafone UK brings up and interesting diagram, but it doesn’t tell me much (unless I sign in, gulp!). Right now, not sure how I’d evaluate a platform like this, and I’d have to see a whole lot more, before deciding I’d like it or not.


SOPA, SOPA SOPA is in the news quite a lot and there are tons of stories on it.

And then there is the quest for the perfect Data Scientist – whilst no one has defined quite well, what background, exactly, you need to be considered a bank scientist - but here’s an infographic.   Then Dan Zarella is at it again, posting on Twitter and Analytics.


Been talking with Branding experts and Brand Representatives, and the feeling is – you can’t work closely or quickly enough for big brands where they are easy to sell or pitch anything to them  – I will have more about this later.


Think that is about it for now.

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