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I spent all day Thursday at the TriBeCa Cinema listening to various presentations on Social CRM, in what was one of the few conferences explicitly dedicated to tying together social media and customer outreach; here are the presentations.

    Here are my notes and thoughts:

SocialCRM -Richard Hughes, Broadvision (thinks Social CRM is Philosophy and Business strategy supported by biz processes, platforms & tools).

Boundaries blurred? Who owns social media?
Research revealed there are 178 social ids per company/brand
Company is collection of in individuals

Giftgaff (experiment)

Netflix (Qwikster)

Different Types of Engagement

Enterprise 2.0 (internal alone. Of SocialCrm) but with customer communities & social media

Refer to Gartner: top use cases of Social Crm 2010

Bridget O’Brien – Vistaprint

Businessweek June 2008 – what are you going to do about?
88,000+ fans (2000 fans + week)
Twitter is much slower 10000+ but only 40 new per week
4000 conversations
Co-tweet, lithium, SAS, swords (data mining)
Note: this information is supplemental to the Vistaprint case study in Chapter 1 of Social Media Analytics

Vistaprint Visitors
Super fans – evangelist 10%
Casual fans. – 30%
Value hunters – 2%
Disenfranchised – 38%
Prospects – 20% (but 40% of new prospects)

Social media engagement goes via social media group first, then customer relations

– all conv are leads
-14% of email opt outs order on social media and opt back in
-conversation sheer
– sims score

Leveraging Likes via BI (capture email addresses)
Please : thank you goes long way
Managing expectation

right now, what Vistaprint is trying to figure out:
Extol’s refer a friend

Frank Eliason – companies do social servicing instead of social crm. No connecting the dots.
Citibank – Comcast Cares (avatar is a person, him) people connect with people – not a company,

Looks for passion when hiring.

Panel – social crm where are the customers?
Matt – Natizza
Brigitte – vistaprint and many companies don’t know what social crm is – Marahall Lager thinks its a buzzword.
Matt – automate 70% so you can focus on 30%

Is scaling really automation?

Here’s American Airline’s presentation – which was also very interesting

There was a few changes from the original speakers list – and as a result, Chris Selland from Terametric, a long time CRM industry analyst, spoke about the challenges of integrating social media with Customer Relationship Management

Finally, there was a presentation on Social CRM and Gamification by Paul Hearing of Badgebille and noticed how much integrating games are built into applications such as Klout and Empire Avenue.

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