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This week was packed with events in New York City, perhaps more than any other I can remember, those conferences I attended in one form or another include Emetrics NYC (the first time this conference was held here), Text Analytics World, Predictive Analytics World, IMC Conference and Pivotcon.  In addition, a few weeks ago we had #SMM11 (Social Media Marketing and Monitoring 2011 NYC) here – and I never really got to chance, with all the meetings, to write down what I thought and got out of it.

Social Media Marketing and Monitoring Conference 2011 in NYC (#smm11)

Overall, the October 12th conference was interesting and one of the best of the series I have attended (was on a panel on influence late that afternoon).   I enjoyed the first section with Peter Shankman, who is an entertaining speaker.  I noticed something with Peter that reminds me of Marty Wientrob (author of Killer Facebook Ads book), that entertaining speakers tend to be people who are good at conveying emotion and storyline, and often are successful in some other endeavor before they get involved in Social Media.  In Peter’s case, he seems to be a very good promoter and PR type guy, having a 6th sense on how see what might be valuable in a situation and convey it simply (he’ll say “Try something, if it works, do it again, if it doesn’t, try something else”, or, you have 2.7 seconds to get someone’s attention).

Who can argue with those points of view – though it’s also a typical PR play to get people to stop, think and self examine – at that point, they are the most open, and easy to reach (or sell to).

Another thing that came up was a session later in the afternoon that I thought was the best source of new information for me – namely the Asif Kahn’s presentation on Location Based Marketing which introduced Location based platforms such as ValueVine.com, Momentfeed.com and Geotoko.com (just acquired by HootSuite) that have capabilities and whose existance I was unaware of.  That just goes to show how quickly the social media space is changing and evolving, and how very difficult it is to really keep in the forefront as the pace of new developments continually speeds up.

Consider that Radian6, Brandwatch and Sysomos, to name a few, while they do get some geo check in data (mostly from Twitter, believe it or not), are not designed to capture or display the full range of mobile data out there, nor in relation to location – they simply aren’t the right platforms for it, not what they were created to do.   If your a retailer with a lot of locations, you may be better off with a platform such as Valuevine, created for a much wider spectrum of mobile based data.  Had I not attended #smm11, I probably would have missed knowing about this “new” class of platforms for Geo-Local data aggregation and performance tracking.

Voice of Customer from Valuevine on Vimeo.

I think on other thing sticks out from #smm11  is some misinformation about social network engagement that needs to be examined more closely and verified by a few independent sources.   For example, a statement was made early on in the conference by a presenter about Engagement in Social Networks going down (based on time spent there – in order to highlight interest for our attention there is becoming more competitive) but I could not find the same pattern in Compete.com (the original data came from Comscore). 

That lead me to a new point of view statement (POV).

When making a statement or point – it’s much more believable if you can line up additional sources that support your point – if you just take a chart or number from a single source, however credible, it is hearsay unless it can be backed up with additional sources of collaborating information.

Similar to my last post on Point of Views, I tend to decide on a POV once faced with information that causes a conflict where I need to examine and think through what I believe.


Emetrics Summit NYC

It was impossible for me not to attend Emetrics Summit NYC, in some fashion this week – there are so many friends who speak at #emetrics that when it finally came to my hometown, I knew I had to attend even though I did not have a full pass (I attended the first day, Wednesday, with a Social Networking pass for $150.00 that was well worth it) and briefly yesterday.   I met with Richard Foley and friends from SAS Analytics (which is also the sponsor of AllAnalytics.com site that I  started to blog at recently),Tim Wilson (who used to be on my social media committee at the WAA), Eric Peterson, John Lovett, Marty Wientrob, Mike Moran plus two former co-workers from Monster.com who left and went out on their own, and of course Gary Angel, CTO of Semphonic.

Aside from some keynotes on Wednesday, I went to the panel on Sentiment Analysis and right after, the panel of Twitter and Facebook Analytics.  I have to say that if your new to Web Analytics, then Emetrics is a good place for you to learn, but if your familiar with analytics, then Emetrics is mostly a networking play as the sessions, for the most part, weren’t that informative.   I was more interested in hearing Gary Angel speak and I managed to attend both of his sessions.

Yesterday, I was at the IMC session Friday afternoon, who no one showed up for, except me.  As it turned out, that was ok with me as Gary and I spoke for almost two hours and caught up (we had not spoken for a while).  I try to read everything that Gary Angel writes (read his Semphonic blog whenever he posts there), and think he’s the smartest person in the analytics space I’ve come across.


I also was at Pivotcon Monday night (met Sheldon Levine from Sysomos, etc – I think I mentioned all of that in my last post) – the sense I got from Pivotcom is the conference itself wasn’t that good but Brian Solis managed to sell a lot of sponsorships (so, financially, the conference did well – and certainly, his new book was promoted and launched there) but if you were looking for business there, it wasn’t all it might have been painted to be.

Nevertheless, the networking was pretty good and that’s often what I go to these things for – and to learn the various key pieces of information at the bar, party or dinner – that’s where the real insights end up happening for me.

Text Analytics World / Predictive Analytics World

– missed both but great coverage was at AllAnalytics.com


That’s it for this post – I’ll catch up with a few more things in my next post in a day or so.

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