Web Journal May 28-31st 2010 The problem of Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis, as Matt Rhodes writes in theThe Problem with Automated Sentiment Analysis today that no tool (he reviewed) consistently distinguishes between positive and negative conversations.  What he doesn’t mention, and hasn’t considered is that many other applications of similar types of content analysis where the same problems are showing up – such as Copyrighted material on YouTube – it’s not sentiment analysis – but the same kind of arguments are coming up from people who’s content is being yanked off of YouTube because Automated Bots can not tell the difference between parody and remixing of content (which is allowed) and reusing copyrighted content – which is protected by the owner of the copyright (say, a television show like Sex in the City).   At the Re/Mix Festival in Dumbo I dropped by yesterday, I heard about this and more.

The same kind of analysis, more or less is done with Google Voice on telephone calls, and those are maybe, OK, if there isn’t noise in the background, but are horrible if there is.   At any rate, I look at Sentiment Analysis software as a technological “answer” to massive production of content that people don’t have time to read and sift through – it is coming in too fast for that.   Sure, if you really care about what your reading, if your brand that really cares about what people are saying about you – you’ll probably have to have human listening – but who ever said we should not have humans listening?  Why do we think that technology is the answer to everything?

Also, JaTin reports extreme gamers spend 48 hours a week on average gaming (farmville/fishville)? –  I think it’s far more than that for some people – try 100 hours a week- there are people I know of that spend that much time on it.  JaTin also reports on how FourSquare is being used in some unique ways for Social Justice.

And there was a big story on how Geo Services Mismatch Places Up To 40 Percent Of The Time in TechCrunch – funny, but the challenges of getting geolocation listings correct sound almost as bad as the problems of getting sites search friendly, for SEO – it’s like a new technology makes us have to go back and reconsider how we’re storing and presenting information that didn’t matter before the technology matured became real time.

Finally, the debate of “who owns” Social Media seems to have been resolved this year – the winner – Public Relations.

And if your into Iron Man 2 – guess what’s coming out soon – I think there’s even a Arc Generator built into the shoe (ha).

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