Check out Wibiya Toolbar at the bottom of WebMetricsGuru’s page

After a tip from Robert Scoble I installed the Wibiya Toolbar onto and I’m impressed!!!!!

Not only that – but @webmetricsguru should work now using Twitter‘s @Anywhere thanks to a little magic from Wibiya.  There’s more information about Wibiya at a post on VC CAFE titled – Wibiya enables publishers to integrate third-party application through its customizable toolbar.

I installed just about every application there was to install – and waited several minutes before the Wibiya toolbar appeared (probably due to Dreamhost or WordPress Cache that I installed – not sure which, but who really cares)?

Wibiya greatly enhances what you can do on a blog or website and seems like one of the smartest applications I’ve seen.

Let’s see if we can test this – earlier today I saw a bunch of Tweets and some chats that took place that mentioned me.  Now that I have Wibiya installed – @Anywhere should work when you hover over the twitter accounts in the stream below.

Does it?   It kinda does – but not for all of the thread, below – here’s what @Anywhere ought to look like

I’m also pretty happy about my new role with  Social Media Measurement Group @ CIPR – so I’ll leave the Twitter thread in my post.

Tweets mentioning @webmetricsguru

  1. Chang Wan WooChangWooUWSP @webmetricsguru I’m PointTide_Kor and I hope to learn more about PR measurement!!about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck
  2. Shonali Burkeshonali @webmetricsguru My pleasure, I learn so much from you. I’d be honored if you’d consider guesting on #measurePR some time.about 3 hours ago via UberTwitter in reply to webmetricsguru
  3. Carri BugbeeCarriBugbee @webmetricsguru @ckalv I added you guys to this list today: 4 hours ago via web
  4. Carrie PetteeCaSuPe15 now following @webmetricsguru at the suggestion of @shonali :-)about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck
  5. 우창완PointTide_Kor RT @shonali: Also re: Q7, I strongly suggest you follow @webmetricsguru. TONS to learn from hiim. #pr20chatabout 4 hours ago via TweetChat
  6. Shonali Burkeshonali Also re: Q7, I strongly suggest you follow @webmetricsguru. TONS to learn from hiim. #pr20chatabout 4 hours ago via TweetGrid
  7. Radu Panciucpanciuc RT @webmetricsguru Sysomos unleashes Audience Analytics – Sysomos Audience 8 hours ago via TweetMeme
  8. titus capilneantitus_k RT @panciuc: RT @webmetricsguru Is a tweet worth a drink? 8 hours ago via TweetDeck

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4 thoughts on “Check out Wibiya Toolbar at the bottom of WebMetricsGuru’s page”

  1. The toolbar is pretty useful. I also installed it 1 day ago after reading Scoble’s post (he should get some bucks for that :) ) Didn’t know I could add Anywhere using Wibiya. I installed it manually on my blog using the API.

  2. I hate it! I do not want popups on my screen. If I could opt-out it might be okay but it doesn’t even remember (cookie) that I’ve minimized it. To me it’s useless and annoying. Almost reaches to level of malware. I guess I’m going to have to create a Greasemonky script to kill it … but I shouldn’t have to.



  3. BumpIn social bar offers the most comprehensive customization of the social bar to suit the theme and feel of your website. The best thing I liked is it does not slow down the processing at all and I just love the cross IM feature.

    You too check it out

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