Using Sysomos to find Keywords for your SEO and SEM

I noticed features of Radian6 and Sysomos that are goldmines if used in a certain way, and this post is about something I noticed in Sysomos Social Media monitoring that absolutely blew me away.

Take, for example, the Social Media Week NYC work I’m writing about this week – how could I use Sysomos to get keywords to build pages around, to advertise around?

Well ……..  I have been saying for a few years that Social Media doesn’t have Keyword Tools the way that SEO and SEM has, but Sysomos has done something that is somewhat similar – but it’s hidden away in it’s Text Analytics for Blogs, Twitter, Message Boards and News data sources.

The exact selection is “Entities” which is a collection of persons, places or things that Sysomos Map was able to isolate from all the web pages it scanned for a profile.   While the extracted Entities (see below) are somewhat useful – and can be drilled down for more detail …

….. it’s the “Popular Phrases” that were pulled out of all the Social Media content that Sysomos crawled that got me very excited (see below)…

If we compared this to the kind of “garbage” stuff that Google AdWords Keyword Tools and WordTracker give us – you’d see sheer difference in SEO/SEM keywords you can get by pulling phases from pages that exist – based on your “interested” and “engaged” communities, instead of Google’s desire to have you spend money of AdWords and AdSense… which is what you get when you use their tools.

And you can drill down on a Phrase, like “Social Media Mastermind Conference” and find the pages that phase came from (see below) as you might need to know the context from which a phrase arises so you can determine if and how you want to use it in your own copy.

By the way, here’s all the keyword phases Sysomos extracted from Social Media Week NYC.  So if your tired and stuck using the typical keyword tools we’ve all had to live with, try something new.  So far, I haven’t seen any other platform offer this particular capability – and it’s hidden, under the hood, so to speak.

Social Media Week advances
Social Media Business Council
Social Media Club gatherings
Social Media Week Registration
Weekly Social Media Event Guide
International Social Media Week conference
New Social Media Mixer event
Social Media Week play
Social Media Week Story
Best social media programs
Annual Social Media Week conference
Social Media Business Summit
Own social media strategy
Social Media World Forum
Social Media Week Berlin
Social Media week Toronto
Social Media Week NYC
Global Social Media Week
Social Media Week schedule
Social Media Mastermind Conference
Worst Social Media Campaigns
Special Social Media Week celebration
Live Social Media Experts
Top 10 Social Media
Social Media Week website
Social Media Week differentiates
Social Media Week brand
Social Media Week London
Upcoming Social Media Week
Media Week New York
Social Media Week Registration
Social Media Week Event
Tweetmeme Social Media Week NYC
Media workshop
Jewish Week
Media Week NYC Registration
New voice
Social Media Week extravaganza
New York
Future Journalist
Digital Media
Rich media
Media practices
Media consultant
Canadian Film Centre Media
Social Media Week NEW
Media Week Toronto
Media editor Shirley Brady
Media journalist
Media accounts
Media Group
Business Week social media editor
Media communications agency
Media experts
Media community
Media Week program
New social engagement program
Media partner
Inaugural Social Media
Annual Social Media
Media sponsors
Media Week NEW YORK
Global media
News media
Media Week events
Creative Media
Film Centre Media Lab
Media users
Traditional media
Media outlets

Compare this to what Google gives you ………

How totally useless Google’s AdWords data tool for Social Media – cause all Google ever wanted you to do with this tool is use it to craft advertising – they’re suggesting if you are interested in Social Media Week NYC you also might be interested in “nyc bars” and “nyc nightclubs” … and it’s true, a lot of the parties for Social Media Week NYC are happening in nightclubs and bars – but that’s not what it’s really all about.

So … there ….. for maybe Social Media Optimization – Sysomos is a good platform, esp if your interested in keyword planning.

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8 thoughts on “Using Sysomos to find Keywords for your SEO and SEM”

  1. Hi there Marshall! We actually have a discovery tool like that in Biz360 too. Just head on over to “reports” > “Topic Discovery”, and you will have a handy list of phrases associated with a chosen topic. We present it in parallel via a tag cloud and in list form. Let me know if you have questions or can’t find it!

    – Maria
    @themaria, @biz360

  2. I would skip the professional services and spend a little time learning SEO yourself. It’s really not as hard as everyone makes it out to be, and it will be a lot easier and cheaper in the long run to learn it yourself.

  3. Great, tips. I been doing a lot of SEO/SEM in the past and I was pretty sure I know everything about this field but with your article I realized you can still teach new tricks to old dogs. I’ll be reading your other posts.

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