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I was invited, and brought a friend along, to visit Trendrr’s offices last night on W.13th street and meet Mark Ghuneim, the founder of Trendrr.

Mark was a CEO of a digital marketing agency for TV networks, record labels and brands, founded, he is a daily reader/fan of this blog and I’m glad he extended an invitation to meet up.

Trendrr’s new features will be released soon enough (end of this week) and I’ll be writing about in much more detail within a week-but Mark Ghuneim did give us a peak at what’s coming up and it’s impressive.

On another note, one of the reasons Mark relates to me is because I’m an Artist and a Web Analyst, we’re both totally right brained, I think.

Mark Ghuneim talked about his art, collecting art, learning disibilities we think we both have, and, the way we see the world, somewhat uncoventionally, is part of the way we are, a strong point, not a weakness, and we both learnt to work with it.

Got me to thinking about why people read, who the audience is …. At Entrepreneur Week, when I spoke on Finding Local NYC resources, at Bloomberg LLC, along with an audience of investors, the talk was about Metrics (yes, we all need Metrics) but the interest was in Art, even in Wine.

People relate to me, in otherwords, for the interests and activites I have, outside of Web Analytics, but which I managed to find a way to include in Web Analytics.

Interesting … I learn anew each day, and thank you Mark Ghuneim, for inviting me to Trendrr’s offices.

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