Ultra Light Startups written up in BusinessWeek

BTW, you all know I’m speaking on Thursday night, Feburary 5th, 2009 at UltraLight Startups February 2009: Ultra Light Web Analytics

Today, Ultra Light Startups was just written up in BusinessWeek

Self-Help for Startups –

Ultra Light Startups is giving entrepreneurs—many of them newly laid-off employees—a chance to test their pitches on an audience of their peers

Here’s the presentation I prepared for Ultra Light Web Analytics, which I had help with from my friends.

The fact is – I can imagine, in the era of Social Media and Transparency – that knowledge is not anything but Collaborative.    I am fortunate to have so many great people to draw up to help me with the ideas and challenges we face.

Defining Web Analytics for Startups, btw, isn’t an easy subject, little is written on it, up to this point.

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