Social Media for Engagement

I was presented with something new tonight,while at a party gathering, and on my way home, on the A Train, to Brooklyn.

What if Social Media and Web Analytics can “create” engagement, not just measure it?

What if applications are created that encourage people to comment on blogs and social networks?

I spoke to someone, tonight, whose company developed technology encourageing intelligent commenting on blogs (I have yet to see it in action, though) – but, it was the first time, I can recall, when someone actually talking to me about creating engagement instead of expecting it.

The instance tonight was a musician and his girl friend who did something unusual and captivated the audience, and me – he played really, really well, plus a seeming stranger chimed in, singing along with him, I took photos of the pair.

A lot of people beg on trains, anyone coming to New York soon learns this, but few beg well enough that you feel compelled to donate. I donated, so did a few others.

In the same way,I think we should not expect engagement, when we launch new creative; instead, engagement and involvement ought to be earned.

4 thoughts on “Social Media for Engagement”

  1. For me Google Reader is a tool which creates engagement. It shows me WHAT is being discussed on e.g. web analytics and WHERE the discussion takes place. Because of this I am much more able to track and react on these webanalytics conversations ergo engagement.

    Or am I missing something?

  2. Thanks for sharing this fascinating concept with such an great example.

    I also enjoyed reading a your bit of city life captured for me (the reader) for just a brief moment. Having moved to California in 1992, I’ve become integrated with the wine-country-casual lifestyle (that’s always the answer to anyone who asks, “What’s the Dress Code?”), but I occasionally really miss the tell-it-like-it-is city vibe.

    You’ve done three important things for me, if not more:
    1) Given me a vicarious subway ride to Brooklyn.
    2) Turned me onto Zemata (in your comments on The Link Between Social Media And The Wine Industry.)
    3) Engaged me enough in what you’ve written to make me comment.

    This was all done without any application, however, because you touched an emotional chord.

    When I write my wine blog, I do it from a place of experience, and I’m sharing stories of being inside the wine business as a professional. I don’t even really expect comments, and occasionally get them… Only because I’ve struck an emotional chord with someone, just as the music reached out to your first (in chords). That was enough to make you want to blog about it, by getting you thinking about your earlier conversation and connecting the dots. It then resulted in this blog posting coming together, which started with your party conversation.

    I love the innovation, though, of someone wanting to deliver a way to engage others to comment… A call-to-action application… I love these minds that never sleep!

    This time, you didn’t need any applications for my comment; although, is this considered an intelligent comment?

    Thanks for a great posting. It was really refreshing for me to step away from the wine industry blogs. I’m going subscribe to your blog… just because… — jo

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