Paul Cezzane's Sous Bous and my video annotation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I’m pretty proud that I went to Aix last year, to see Cezanne‘s mountain – as I promised to do.  This is one of the results of that trip.

My video footage and voiceovers are going to be used to annotate one of Paul Cezzane’s greatest paintings – Sous Bous – at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

I’ve been glowing about it for the last two weeks, and I got the first message about it on my birthday, November 9th.  While I’d like to go back to Aix (maybe next Spring, with Marsha Wooley‘s Denver Art class – if she goes next year) – I decided to not go to LeWeb3 08 this year – even though I’ll be there in heart – because what I really wanted to see was more of Cezanne’s mountain.

Of course, it always helps to go with friends.  Anyway – here are the videos from my Paris and Aix Trip in June 2007 that attracted the attention that lead to this.

And here was my first day in Aix –

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