Data Privacy and Google

There’s so many good things to write about today, but by the time I get a moment to sit down and think, it no longer seems as important or interesting – like the story about Google’s Figured Out Better Ways to Know About You in

Apparently Google has proven internally that it doesn’t need that raw log (IP) data as much as it used to think, because it has figured out good enough use-based data reduction techniques, and redefined the term anonymized along the way.

This issue of privacy of data that Google holds on all of us (who use Search in some form) becomes almost non-relevant when they improved the way data is stored, but many are suspicious; like Johnon.

Nothing amazing in this announcement, just not a simple “wow they gave in and granted us more privacy” like some are suggesting.

If you’re about to comment that I’m a conspiracy theorist, or trying desperately to make another Google good deed look evil, please have a cigarette or take a walk or something. This blog is not for you.

Andy Beal brings up another point in a post about  Google, Google Everywhere – Even In The Air?

Now it is getting involved, albeit indirectly through investment, in getting internet connectivity to the under developed areas of the world. The company that is behind the latest effort to help make the internet truly global is 03b Networks which was founded and is run by Greg Wyler who is described in today’s WSJ as a 38 year old telecommunications entrepreneur. The ultimate goal of the company is to put as many as 16 satellites in the sky that would work to provide internet service to Africa, the Middle East and parts of Latin America by the end of 2010.

I have to go back and ask, if we are using all the free products that Google offers, which truly  make life easier for us, and hide the cost of procurement (if we could buy them anywhere), is it worth the hidden cost?

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