Spoke at SES San Jose 2008: Measuring Success in a Web 2.0 World

There were a couple of reviews of the session I spoke at today at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose including one in Web Analytics World and another at Online Markeing Blog which had a more detailed write up:

“… To wrap up, Marshall Sponder discussed the use of social media within Web 2.0. Social media is about the conversation, just as Matt Bailey said that it is about asking questions. Having that interaction will get us all up to the next level of measurement and understanding. Marshall shares that in order to get the most conversions, you need to treat the visitors from Twitter differently than the visitors from forums, and differently from the direct visitors.

And within the social space, there are millions of conversations going on daily. But how do you measure this conversation? Marshall mentioned using monitoring tools such as Radian6 to track the effects of a social media conversation. Without measuring the conversation and the outcomes of that conversation, you are missing out on a huge chunk of useful data.

It seems from this panel that the best way to measure web 2.0 success is to ask questions of the data and challenge yourself to find the results in the communication happening between users. These questions and communication could easily generate a new idea for tracking and monitoring, which will benefit clients and companies in the long run.”

Being on the same panel with three, really strong speakers and not having a presentation ready, as everyone else did, made it more of a challenge for me to hold the attention of the audience – there were about 450 attendees to the session.

Tired.  Was up early this morning; left San Francisco early this morning and got here care of Jim Sterne, who attended XChange along with me, and,  who gave me a lift to downtown San Jose.

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