Reading Web 2.0. A Strategy Guide by Amy Shuen, publised by O'reilly

Started reading Web 2.0: A Stratgey Guide while in a Barnes and Noble and I had to buy it. Really interesting charts and questions that can yield many web Analytics deep dives.

A web 2.0 business appears to be one allowing users to make a contribution and to interact with each other.

Besides, without allowing users to contribute how can there be user engagement?

My sense is users have almost an unlimited, yet measurable, value, and web 2.0 taps into that value by enabling it and creating platforms for expression and recombination.

Totally different than Web 1.0 business, though the technology platforms may be similar.

And these are some of my thoughts as I ready myself for along week in California starting Sunday morning.

Today, I spent much of my day doing nothing much special, and as I sit here, under a tree, in Prospect Park, I realize, having free time, seemingly aimless time, is necessary for my growth, and that I am thinking through many things, as the sun lightly bathes me in late afternoon warmth.

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