Feedback from Social Media presentations at Search Engine Strategies San Jose

Got pretty good feedback from the 2 presentations I did at Search Engine Strategies San Jose – including this one from Lloyd Grafton of Liberate Media  titled SES social media measurement round up.


As you may have seen, there are a whole host of informative posts on the measuring success in a web 2.0 world and social media and analysis sessions, which both took place earlier this week. My favourite posts can be found via the online marketing blog, which gives a step-by-step rundown of the sessions and valuable learnings.

Both sessions involved Marshall Sponder, senior web analyst for Marshall’s presentation can be seen here.

There are two things that I would like to pick up on specifically.

First a good point from the measuring success in a web 2.0 world session, where Marshall Sponder confirmed that as well as understanding that social media measurement is about conversations, we will only get to the next level of measurement if we treat visitors from Twitter for example, differently than visitors from forums, and then differently again from direct visitors. Without measuring the conversation, and the outcomes of that conversation, we are missing a huge chunk of useful data.

The online marketing blog listed the key takeaways from the social media and analysis session as:

1. There is no killer metric

2. Track anything possible to glean insight

3. Social media is not just about numbers

4. It’s all relative (focus on benchmarking and trends)

5. Measuring social media does not + ROI for social media

6. View monitoring social media as a Social Intelligence programme, involving the world’s biggest focus group….”

There’s more that I said, and the panel in the second session on Wednesday was hand picked by me, for the most part.   I’m hoping I get invited back to do more of these presentations – they’ll continue to get better.

One thing want to say, and then I’m off to check out of my room and head back into San Francisco, for a full day of meetings – is that people attend conferences like SES for a number of reasons, but the main one is to gain knowledge – and while, in many cases, there is new content, it’s a vary familar remark I’ve heard – that it’s mostly the same stuff, year after year – being presented by the mostly the same people.

To Kevin Ryan’s credit – he’s tried to mix it up a little, and focus more on content – and he gave me a chance to present what I believed to be real content – not that anyone was giving away any “secret sauce” … but we just want to give people what the came to this conference for.

And we delivered… at least, we did in any session I was connected with.   Anytime someone comes to a session I’m in – there’ll be something new, I’ll talk about some new insight or way of looking at Social Media, or life, or Art – it’s all part of the same thing, in my book – and how it applies to measurement – to metrics.

Ok, and now I really do have to get moving.

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