Blekko vs. Google – I like it !@

In The Next Google Search Challenger: Blekko Michael Arrington wrote about an issue that's close to my heart – Google has been the origin of  much of the Search Problems that it's been trying to solve, and penalizing other bloggers and websites for figuring out how to use Google's Search Engine effectively, are  being punished, more and more.  

But, that's what humans do … they adapt …. they learn to harness the power of tools they craft or use …… should they be "punished" for that?    Because, often, that's what Google does … it punishes people who figure out how to effectively use their Search Engine. 

Google doesnt want you to use them … they want to serve  your content and use it … but they, Google, doesn't want to be used.   And yet, it's natural for people to figure out Google and then adapt. 

Google, while bringing a lot of good into the world – is also creating many problems that aren't good:

"…Skrenta, who’s very media savvy, won’t say much about how he’s going to tackle search (he’s not a fan of PageRank though:“PageRank wrecked the web. Google is the cause of all of this. and Google is going down with it.”). He says they are looking at improvements on the back end (indexing and query serving) as well as the user search experience itself. Beyond that, he says we have to wait. And it might be a long wait at that. The company, Skrenta says, may not have a public prototype available until 2009."

That almost echo's exactly what I was writing about yesterday in a post on Artificial Rankings caused by Google's Quick Indexing.

As far as Blekko (David) against Google (Goliath) …I say…. throw that stone right into Google's all seeing Universal Search Eye ….. make it nice and black.

It's not that I'm against Google, in fact, I love wearing Google TShirts and people often think I work for Google even though I worked for IBM and will next week start working for

I love wearing my Google TShirts because I like the Tshirts – and ….. it provokes conversations ….. everyone wants to talk to someone that works Google … it's like working for NASA 30 years ago when NASA was super cool place to be (some still consider it to be that – but it's lost a bit of it's aura over time).

But I want Google to get a black eye, I want Blekko to win one, Google, while great, needs to be humbled – it needs to fail – big, and learn that it's not infallible. 

According to John Battelle, this year will be when that happens.   Notice, I said I wanted Google to get a black eye … but not two black eyes –  I don't want Google blinded, just humbled.

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