A letter from Robin Nobles in support of my Nomination to the WAA Board of Directors

It kinda makes me blush to get letter like this – she sent it out to several thousand people on her combined mailing lists.  I have no idea how many people will join the Web Analytics Association to vote for me but I sure appreciate the support! 


Letter below: 

Thanks Robin!!!  Here goes -

Students and Members,



Marshall Sponder, a frequent chat moderator here at the Workshop Resource Center, and an expert on Web Analytics, is running for a seat on the Board of the Web Analytics Association. Marshall has conducted many chats on this topic in the past, and you can find downloads related to the chats in our Downloads area.

Here's a link to his popular Web analytics blog: http://www.webmetricsguru.com/


I normally don't support many SEO organizations, because I have yet to see a lot of benefits for MEMBERS to come from these organizations. However, with this organization, members actually have the ability to help shape industry standards, join discussion lists, receive discounts in a variety of areas, learn the latest information about Web analytics, and even develop certification programs. This is a YOU YOU YOU organization, with the "YOU" being focused on its members.


Plus, so many Web site owners and even SEOs place minimal importance on Web analytics. I believe now is the time to boost awareness in analytics. We know Marshall's expertise in this area, and we support his position on the Board of the Web Analytics Association 100 percent.


Learn more about the Web Analytics Association by visiting their Web site at: http://www.webanalyticsassociation.org


Membership details can be found here:




Only Professional or Premier Corporate Members can vote.


The time to act is now, because voting for members of the Board of


Web Analytics Association will take place between April 2 and April13. We're really supporting Marshall Sponder in this endeavor. He's one of us, and it's important to vote and support one of our own members.

Thanks so much for your time.



Robin Nobles


What can I say?  I'll do what I can to develop standards for SEO and SEM, Engagement Metrics, RIA Application Measurement standards,3D Virtual Worlds Metrics standardization and anything else the WAA wants me to work on.

Thanks again, for the support Robin!

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